Emmaville Primary School

Gateshead Reception

Welcome to the Gateshead Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Wednesday 13th March
Over the past three weeks, we have been enjoying our English lessons based around "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The children have participated in drama activities, acting out the story and "trip, trap, trip, trapping" over the trolls bridge and completed lots of other tasks inspired by the story.
This week, the children began by recounting the story using the class story map; they were fantastic at retelling the story and even used actions to help them retell the story. As a challenge, they were asked to draw their own story map to help them retell the story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", and Mrs Richter and myself were extremely impressed with the wonderful story maps that they created. As well as this, we were so impressed by how well the children could recount the traditional tale using their won story maps!
Yesterday, I worked with children in small groups and asked them to draw their favourite part of the story and write a word or short sentence about their favourite part. Once again, the children in Gateshead class blew me away with their amazing work! 
Thursday 7th March
Happy World Book Day! We had such great fun celebrating World Book Day in Gateshead class; we read stories, visited "The Book Cafe", enjoyed a book blanket session and finished the day with our Poetry Thursday session.
Friday 2nd February
Congratulations to our performance poetry winner, George! George was awarded 1st place in Gateshead class for his superb performance of "Pancakes" by Christina Rossetti. I'm sure you'll agree that George performs the poem wonderfully and adds some lovely actions too.
Well done everyone in Gateshead class, you all learned the poem brilliantly but a special well done to George.
Friday 19th January
This week we celebrated Neurodiversity Week by learning a little bit about Autism. We read some information about Autism, watched a Sesame Street video and read a lovely story called "The Same But Different Too". The children were brilliant at recognising that we are all special and unique and that we are all amazing!
The children then drew a self portrait at something they are amazing at. Well done Gateshead class, you really are all WONDERFUL!
Friday 12th January
We had a great French lesson this afternoon! We looked at some French landmarks and looked at photographs of traditional French food; the children were shocked to hear that snails are a delicacy in France! We then gave the children some brioche and French baguette to try, which the children loved! After that, we started learning some colours in French and the children were absolutely amazing at listening to the French pronunciations and then having a go! Well done Gateshead class, I’m so proud of you all!