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Gateshead Reception

Welcome to the Gateshead Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Wednesday 20th December
This morning, we were absolutely blown away by our Reception pupils as they performed "Nursery Rhyme Nativity" to a hall packed with children and adults! The children looked amazing in their costumes and they sang all the songs in the nativity performance beautifully. The children got on and off stage brilliantly and there were lots of smiling faces which was wonderful to see. 
Well done to all the children in Gateshead and Newcastle class; you blew us away and we could not be prouder! A wonderful way to end your first term in Reception class.
Friday 15th December
What a festive and busy week we have had in Gateshead class! On Thursday we all wore our Christmas jumpers and tucked into our Christmas dinners; it was absolutely delicious and the children LOVED pulling their crackers and wearing their party hats. Then, on Thursday afternoon we walked to Crawcrook library where we listened to Kyle read a couple of Christmas stories and we took part in a Christmas treasure hunt! It was great fun and the children loved exploring the library.
As it has been a reading enrichment in school, we have taken part in lots of wonderful reading activities. On Friday afternoon, the children of Asia class came down to Reception to read with our pupils. It was absolutely lovely to see the older children reading to the younger pupils and seeing them chat about the books. 
We've had a wonderful week and we are very excited for our last week before Christmas!
Friday 8th December 
As one of our “Friday Fun Jobs” we learned a little more about the Nativity story and the very first Christmas. The children are enjoying practicing for our Nativity play and today they had a go at designing a front cover for the our Nativity programmes.
Thursday 30th November

This week we’ve been learning about shapes in maths, specifically squares and oblongs. The children in Gateshead class have been fantastic at identifying squares and oblongs and describing the qualities of each shape. In Wednesday’s maths lesson, the children completed a rotation of different activities to help them consolidate their understanding of 4 sided shapes. The children were extremely enthusiastic completing the activities and they have really impressed us with their super knowledge of 4 sided shapes.

Friday 24th November
In Gateshead class, we really enjoy our circle time and PSHE activities on a Monday afternoon and our current PSHE theme is celebrating differences. With the help of Jigsaw Jenni, we have had lots of lovely and interesting discussions about the ways in which we are different. The children have been wonderful at understanding that whilst we are all unique and have different likes and dislikes, we can all still be friends and we all belong. During one of our circle times, we read the story "Barry the Fish with Fingers" a great story about differences that the children absolutely loved!
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Wednesday 15th November
We’ve had such a fantastic day at Clara Vale! We began by walking down to Clara Vale from school, which was a beautiful walk and the children were amazing. After that, we did a nature walk and looked for treasures in the nature reserve. We found lovely leaves, shiny conkers, interesting sticks and lots more natural treasures. Then, we made our way over the bridge to the bird hide where the children enjoyed looking at some creatures whilst hidden away. We then made our way back to Clara Vale for lunch, the children were very hungry and ready for their lunches! After lunch and a story, we headed to the park where some children chose to make leaf crowns whilst others played on the swings and slides. Finally, it was time to head home and we were very grateful to hop on the bus which drove us back to school. We had an amazing day, the children were absolute stars; they listened to all the grown ups carefully and participated in all our activities with enthusiasm. We noticed lots of autumn changes in the environment too. A wonderful day and hopefully your children will be able to tell you a little bit more about the day! 
Friday 10th November
Today we spent some time learning about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies. The children enjoyed learning about what happens on Remembrance Day and why we have Remembrance Day. The children then each made a beautiful poppy and we ended our session with a two minute silence; the children were all absolutely FANTASTIC and observed the 2 minutes silence so well. Mrs Richter and I were so proud of Gateshead class.
As well as this, the children enjoyed watching the following Cbeebies animation; we talked about which parts of the video we liked and which parts we did not like. The children agreed that they did not like the part of the video where it goes dark and the bunny looks scared but they did like it when the bunny found their family and was prancing in the flowers.
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Friday 20th October
In maths this week, we have been learning about triangles and circles. We went on a walk through school and identified lots of triangles and circles in our school! Then, we looked at some artwork by Kandinsky and noticed that he used lots of shapes in his artwork. Inspired by Kandinsky, the boys and girls in Gateshead class produced their own shape collages. We absolutely loved looking at artwork their created and also how different and unique their pictures were.
Friday 13th October
In our English lessons this week, we have been reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We have done lots of different Gruffalo inspired activities throughout the week; Mrs Richter helped the children to make these lovely Gruffalo headbands.

Friday 6th October


This week Mrs Richter, Mrs Wanless and myself have had lots of moments where we have felt extremely proud of Gateshead class!


On Thursday afternoon, we took our lovely reception children to Crawcrook library; the children walked to the library so sensibly and listened carefully to the grown ups. At the library, the children LOVED Kyle’s Halloween treasure hunt activity and enjoyed listening to the stories he read too. We were so proud of the children in Gateshead class as they listened brilliantly to Kyle and sat so sensibly in the library.


All week in our English lessons, we have been learning about poetry and the children have learned a poem called “A Basket of Apples”. The children learned to recite the poem in their key worker groups using actions and a story map to help. Once we had learned the poem, we came together as a whole class and recited the poem as a group. We were absolutely blown away by the way in which the children recited the poem; they were amazing! In addition to this, we’ve had some lovely posts on Tapestry of some members of Gateshead class reciting the poem at home to their families!


What a lovely week and what super stars we have in Gateshead class.

Friday 29th September 
It has been another busy but brilliant week in Gateshead class! Mrs Richter and myself have been so improved with the children's amazing listening this week; the children of Gateshead class have been listening to their teachers and to their friends which is super!
All week, we have been celebrating International Language Day by teaching the children to say greetings in different languages. When we have been doing the register, the children have been enthusiastically saying "Salut", "Guten Tag" and "Ola". This morning, we started learning French and practiced our greetings further. The children have been amazing linguists and we incredibly proud of all the boys and girls in Gateshead class!!
Friday 22nd September
We have had another wonderful week in Gateshead class! The children have shown great enthusiasm during our phonics sessions and they have loved listening to "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy in our English sessions. This afternoon, we celebrated National Coding Week by doing a simple coding activity with bear and squirrel. The children loved directing bear to his friend squirrel and they were superb at placing the arrows in the right directions.
A big well done to all the children in Gateshead class!
Friday 15th September
It has been a very busy week in Gateshead class! The children have completed their first week of full days in Reception class and they have been absolute super stars! The children have been dancing in PE, constructing, drawing and painting in choosing time and playing the steel pans in music. The pupils of Gateshead class have blown us away with their counting in maths and they shared some lovely things that make them happy in our PSHE session.
We are off to a super start to the year and we are very excited for the year ahead! Well done to everyone in Gateshead class.