Emmaville Primary School

Oceania Year 5

Welcome to the Oceania Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Thursday 23rd May

We were ‘Habitat Heroes’ this week, exploring different areas of the school grounds, in order to assess the suitability of different habitats for wildlife.  The school is now part of the Education National Park, an initiative set up by the government to pool together all the green spaces of schools in the UK; together, we’ll be able to make changes to our school grounds to increase biodiversity. Along with Antarctica class, we started Emmaville’s journey by looking at  the different types of habitat that we have, and have begun to consider what we can do to attract more wildlife.  Hopefully, this will result in some exciting ideas and projects in the near future…

Friday 17th May
Firstly, a massive well done to the fourteen girls from Year 5  who represented our school at the Gateshead Girls United Year 4/5 Girls Football tournament, at the Powerleague.  They played as two teams, and between them won two matches and drew two, showing fantastic determination, resilience and enthusiasm.  
Last week, we learnt about the incredible changes that go on inside a hen's egg once it's been fertilised, as part of our Lifecycles topic in Science.  It was very fortunate, then, that we were able to pay a quick visit to the Nursery classroom to see some newly-hatched chicks.  They were so small, so fragile and so fluffy, but it was incredible to think that less that 23 days ago, they had not even started developing.  Did you know that on just day two of a chick embryo's development that there is a beating heart?
Our final lesson of the week was DT, in which we have been learning about healthy diets and where our food comes from.  This week, we sampled some healthy snacks and dips, rating them and making tasting notes.  As you can see from some of the expressions on our faces, some of us really enjoyed the food, whilst other didn't enjoy the experience.  Everyone did at least try, which was the main thing!
Friday 10th May
We finally got to meet our Linking Class this week, at the Laing Art gallery in Newcastle.  We were a little nervous at first, but once we'd said our first ''hello''s, we quickly got to know the children from the Year 5/6 class at Woodlawn School, West Monkseaton.  There were circle games and lots of partnered activities in two of the main galleries, and it wasn't long before we began to make new friends.  There were circle games, a back-to-back painting-describing and drawing activity, a group story-telling task, some body-sculpting games and landscape sculpture challenge.  The day seem to fly by, but it was great to meet new people and there were some lovely examples of co-operation and kindness. 
Friday 3rd May
Our week started with a visit from Sam Cree and her friends, who came on Monday afternoon to deliver three sessions based around St. Luke's Gospel.  In the workshops, we looked at a version of the Gospel written and illustrated by Gemma Willis, which contains lots of cartoons and captions telling the stories of Jesus and his early life in the style of the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books.  We filled in comprehension quiz questions, drew our own cartoon strips to keep in decorated matchboxes and took part in some drama.  All the adults leading the activities were super-impressed with how well all of us engaged in them.  
On Tuesday, we all paid a visit to the SafetyWorks centre in Newcastle.  There, we were taken though five fast-paced workshops that were packed full of brilliant advice that may one day save our lives.  The workshops were lead by a variety of professionals from organisations like St John Ambulance, Blue Cross, the Fire Service and the RNLI, and were all delivered in mock-ups of real places.  We learned how to read the body language of dogs that we don't know; how to pack for a safe day out in the sun; how to stay safe at a Metro station; how to be safe around water, whether it be the sea or a river; how to phone the emergency services; how to cross roads safely; and how to be safe in the garden around bonfires and barbecues.  It really was amazing and we learnt so much.
Friday 25th April
No time to blink this week, with lessons on fractions in Maths, action stories in English, the life cycle of birds in Science and our future careers in PSHE. 
We also spent the whole of Tuesday immersed in the Shang Dynasty, during our visit to the Oriental Museum in Durham.  There, we took part in an interactive quiz in the newly-refurbished main gallery (the first school group to use it, actually), investigated some Shang artefacts, created foil-embossed taotie (hidden face) pots, and used drama to re-tell the story of the last Shang king, Di Xin.  Our tour guide, John, was really helpful and full of interesting facts, and he was very impressed with our knowledge of Ancient China. 
We also made some fruit kebabs in DT; following some simple instructions, using a knife safely to cut portions and choosing a range of different fruit to skewer into a colourful kebab.  Many of us discovered that we had a taste for fruits that we'd never tried before, like kiwi fruit and pineapple.  Tasting the (healthy) rainbow was a lot of fun!
Friday 19th April
Back with a busy week, that's included the start of our 'BikeAbility' lessons, which began with some basic assessments on the playground.  Our instructors, Mark and Zara, were looking for enough confidence on the bicycles to ride in a straight line, turn, signal and stop safely.  The good news is that everyone who has ridden this week is through to the next round, as it were - we'll be going out in small groups to practise skills on the roads from next week.
We also enjoyed another session from the Music Workshop team, who delivered a lively lesson on patterns and rhythms using instruments form around the World.  Counting aloud is the key to keeping a steady pulse, and it was fun to try this on a variety of instruments, such as Agogo bells, Surdos and Ganzás.