Emmaville Primary School

England Year 1

Welcome to the England Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 22nd December
We have had the best Christmas themed week in class full of lots of fun including a trip to the cinema to watch Saving Santa. On top of that, we have also been taking part in watching nativities, had a wonderful Christmas party on Thursday afternoon and finished today off by completing some crafts and watching a film. The children have been so excited for Christmas and Santa Claus coming on Monday. 
This week I wanted to share with you the wonderful act of kindness that the children have shown. My parents work as nurses on an elderly ward in a local hospital and the children have created this week for the patients a small Christmas present and card. The children firstly made some salt dough decorations which they have each decorated in different ways and then made each patient a Christmas card to open on Christmas Day. We talked as a class about how much this would mean to the patients in the hospital and I am sure they will absolutely be thrilled with receiving these thoughtful gifts on Christmas morning. I really do have the most kindest and thoughtful class. 
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year everyone! 
Mrs Thompson

Friday 15th December

We have had a fantastic enrichment week this week in school with the message ‘A cover is not a book, so open it up and take a look’ from Mary Poppins.  As a class we have explored some brilliant books together including some of our favourite books on Wednesday afternoon. We designed new front covers for these books and discussed also some of our favourite authors. On Monday afternoon, we had a lovely book paired reading time with the children from Yr6 . The children had an absolutely brilliant time being read to by the lovely Yr6 children and we have asked they come back and do it again very soon! We were also tasked with learning the song from Mary Poppins so watch this space for a video coming soon…


Yesterday and today within our English lesson, we have been exploring the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. We were a bit perplexed at first when we realised that the book had no words inside of it! We had to use our imagination and study of the pictures to try and infer what the story could be. We completed a carousel activity where we went around in groups to jot down ideas around pages from the book. We came up with some absolutely brilliant inferences and by the end of the lesson came up with a story that could go alongside the book. Today, we have thought about the scene we would like to find if we went through a magic door like the girl in the story. We had some amazing ideas of a forest, a water park and even the ocean!


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Mrs Thompson 

Friday 8th December 
We have had such a busy week in England class this week. We have been drawing in the style of Beatrix Potter, discussing what gifts we think a Christian would give Jesus if he was born today and writing our innovated giant biographies.
The creativity of the children this week has shone through in everything they have complete including the wonderful Christmas craft session that the children had with their grown ups on Monday afternoon. During the session, the children made a range of different creations including paper snowflakes, Christmas baubles and even a paper plate Santa! They had such a brilliant time getting involved in making different things with the help of their grown ups. I am sure they will be looking forward to the next couple of weeks in the lead up to Christmas where they will be completing some more Christmas activities. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson. 

Friday 1st December


It has been a super week in England class this week and we have topped off a brilliant week today with a surprise visitor to our class… Eddie the elf! Eddie arrived in the classroom this morning all the way from the North Pole and has come to our class to report back to Santa Claus all of the wonderful work we do and how kind we are in England class. We hope he doesn't get up to any mischief! We have enjoyed this week finding out all about Beatrix Potter in our History lesson and also all about her work as an artist in our Art lesson. Some of the children even made some fantastic drawings of Beatrix Potter’s work as part of their homework. Additionally, in RE we have found out about the Christian story of Christmas and discussed the gifts that the three wise Men gave to baby Jesus. 


This week in PE we have been continuing our unit on Dance and this week we started on creating a dance inspired by pirates. We learnt that in dancing we use counts of 8.  We created a piece of choreography inspired by pirates. Some of our dance moves included brushing and scrubbing the deck, steering the ship and walking the plank! Everyone was superb at joining in and it’s hard to believe they had only started learning the dance in that short lesson.


Today we say goodbye to Miss Ferguson who is returning back to university to complete her final studies but she will be returning back in March and we can’t wait to see her again in the classroom.


Have a wonderful (snowy) weekend everyone!

Mrs Thompson

Friday 24th November 
We have had a brilliant weekend in England full of so much learning. We have found out all about the Lake District in Geography, made a dance about the weather in PE and talked about how we are different to our friends in PSHE. 
This week I want to share with you all the amazing work we have complete today in Maths. We have been looking at shape since returning from the holidays including learning about 3D shapes. Today we had a lesson creating our very own 3D shape models using modelling clay and lolly pop sticks. The children were absolutely amazing at creating their models and joining the pieces together. They worked in pairs and small groups to complete the task and they were so resilient when sometimes the models would fall down. I loved everyone's enthusiasm in the lesson and I am sure it is something they would be excited to try at home now using some other materials. 
Have a brilliant weekend! 
Mrs Thompson
Friday 17th November
We have a super fun filled week in England finished with a brilliant day today for children in need. The children all looked amazing in their spotty clothes and Pudsey ears and we have raised lots of money for such a fantastic cause. 
This week I wanted to share with you our brilliant trip to Crawcrook Library. We visited the local library on Thursday morning and had such a brilliant time listening to some stories read by Kyle the librarian. The first book we read was called 'Bad hair day'. Kyle explained that this book was a song with a dance so we got involved joining in with the book with some very crazy dance moves! After all that dancing, Kyle treated us to another brilliant book called 'The Bathroom Boogie' where we had to get our best dance moves on again. We were so tired after all of that dancing and taking part in games that we decided to have some quiet reading time using the books from the library. We loved their collection of books and had lots of book talk with our friends recommending books that we liked. It was a fantastic trip and lots of the children can't wait to go back to the library again. 
Have a brilliant weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson. 

Friday 10th November 


It has been a brilliant first week back in school this week for England class. They have been absolutely brilliant at welcoming our new teacher Miss Ferguson who is here to complete her final year of training to be a teacher. We have had some fantastic lessons learning all about Barcelona in Geography, how we predict the weather in Science and making marks using different techniques in Art.


This week I wanted to share with you all the amazing work that we have been doing in Maths. We have started a new unit all about shape and one of our lessons his week was exploring tangrams. We found out that a tangram is a puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes. During the lesson, we cut out the seven different pieces and arranged them to make various other shapes. Some of the shapes included a candle, a bird and even an aeroplane! Some of the children wanted to take the puzzle pieces home to complete some of their own shapes and it was brilliant to see what they had made via Seesaw.


Keep up the super work everyone!

Mrs Thompson

Thursday 26th October


It has been an amazing first half term for all of the lovely children in England class. They have settled into Year 1 and a new class so well. I have been so proud of all of their achievements this half-term and most importantly their super attitude to learning. We have had so much learning taking place in and outside of the classroom! I have been so impressed every week to see the children completing homework and it is brilliant to hear each of them sharing everything they have found out.


This week we completed our DT project of making a pop-up book and we had some very special visitors on Wednesday to come and test our products We have been designing and creating a pop-up book based on the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty. We have made characters on lolly sticks, created a background page for each of the 3 pages and cut the lines for the characters to slide in. The lovely nursery children came along to see our final creation and they loved them! They were so impressed with the children’s skills and we had a lovely singalong of the nursery rhyme. I have been so impressed by everyone’s books but more importantly at how independent the children have been at creating them. They have only needed my help to hole punch in the book and completed all of the rest of the book by themselves. What superstars we have!


Have a lovely half-term break filled with Halloween fun everyone!

Mrs Thompson

Friday 20th October
What a tremendous week we have had in class this week. We have been learning all about Stonehenge in Geography, completing our Humpty Dumpty pop up books and learning all about bar models in Maths. Similar to last week, we have had so much homework completed by the children and it makes me so proud as their teacher to see the children going home and sharing with their parents what we have been learning. 
This week we have been learning all about instructions in English and on Thursday morning we made some gingerbread men! It was such an exciting lesson for the children as they got involved with mixing and baking the gingerbread men. We followed a recipe and set of instructions for how to make a gingerbread man. We each took turns to complete the different steps whether that be mixing ingredients, kneading the dough or cutting the gingerbread men out. Over lunch time we baked the gingerbread men in the oven and during the afternoon we enjoyed a delicious treat of being able to eat what we had made! I have to say I was so impressed at all the volunteers in our lesson and even those that volunteered to do the washing up! I hope they are just as helpful at home. 
Have a super weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson
Friday 13th October 
It has been an absolutely amazing week in England class full of so much learning and so much homework! I have been so impressed by lots of the class going home and completing homework tasks. This week lots of the children made amazing posters and fact files all about Nelson Mandela after our History lesson on Tuesday. We have also been learning all about partitioning numbers in Maths and imperative verbs in English. 
On Thursday we had a fantastic fundamentals lesson based on skipping and jumping. We used French skipping ropes in teams of 3 to practice skipping and jumping. I was so impressed by the children's jumping work following on from our lesson on Monday when we had been practicing jumping and hopping. Furthermore, I was amazed by their outstanding teamwork when working in a small group. They were taking turns and encouraging each other when it was another persons go. Teamwork is such a vital skill and especially in sport so it was brilliant to see the boys and girls working so well in our lesson. 
Keep up the amazing work and have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Thompson. 
Friday 6th October 
We have had a super week in England class this week full of lots of learning and exploring. The children have went around the school grounds to collect things linked to nature as part of our poetry week, we have learned all about a new place in the world called Cape Town and we have being using our voices to sing different nursery rhymes including humpty dumpty which has linked to our DT project. 
This week in Science we have been continuing with our learning of the senses. Each week we have been looking at a different sense and our focus this week was on our sense of smell. We found out how the nose picked up on smells and that there are lots of different smells. We discussed as a class some of our favourite smells and some smells that we don't like. We then completed an investigation on our own sense of smell. We were given 6 different pots to smell and had to write down what we thought each smell was. Some of the smells were lemon, chocolate and even coffee! Some of us were fantastic at guessing the correct smell and we shared at the end what the correct answers were. The children were brilliant at being investigators and we can't wait to complete some more experiments. 
Have a brilliant weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson 
Friday 29th September 
It has been a brilliant week in England class this week. We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in History, writing innovated stories for 'The Gingerbread Man' in English and making sliders in DT as part of our project to make a pop up book. 
This week I wanted to share with you the fantastic work the children completed in RE where we were learning all about the Christian belief of creation. We found out that Christians believed that God made the world and read the story in the Christian holy book, the bible, all about this story of creation. We had lots of discussion about who we believed made the world and how we could have different beliefs to our friends for example some children believed builders created the world and others thought artists. After our discussion and reading, we created a story board for the Christian creation story with pictures for each of the 7 days. The children were fantastic at recalling what was made on each day by God in the story. It was a wonderful lesson and I am really proud of the children's attitude towards different beliefs and faiths at such a young age. 
Have a brilliant weekend everyone!
Mrs Thompson
Friday 22nd September
We have had a super week full of learning in England. We have been learning about our sense of hearing in Science, comparing quantities in Maths and finding out all about London in Geography. 
On Wednesday, we began to innovate our class story for the gingerbread man. Firstly, we had a class vote on what the main characters could be instead of a gingerbread man and a fox. The children had so many ideas that we could choose from. We completed the vote and changed the characters to a pizza man that was baked by a little old lady and a dinosaur who tricks the pizza man. After deciding our characters, we re-told our story using actions to help us remember the words. Yesterday, we used our new innovated story to create some story maps. The children were absolutely amazing at drawing pictures in their book to represent the parts in the story. 
What a super week we have had! 
Mrs Thompson
Friday 15th September
What an amazing week it has been in England class full of lots of learning. We have been learning a brand new story of the Gingerbread man in English, explored our school and maps in Geography and have been working as a team during our team building lessons in PE. 
On Monday, in our Science lesson, we were exploring all about humans and the body. We first played a game of Simon Says to check that we all knew each body part. The children must have had lots of practice at the game before as they were fantastic at not being tricked! After that we discussed our different body parts and what they were used for. We then went on to independently label a person with the different body parts. Everyone was fantastic at naming each part in the correct place. We can't wait for our next Science lessons where we are going to look at our senses and take part in some experiments. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson
Friday 8th September
We have had an absolutely brilliant first week in Year 1 and have been working so hard! Everyone has came to school with such a fantastic attitude to learning and I already have a feeling that this year is going to be amazing with such a super class. We have enjoyed getting to know everyone and our new classroom which has lots of different things. 
On Wednesday, we explored all about our class name 'England'. We found out about the UK and how it was made up of 4 different countries. We then explored some places in England and shared our stories about visiting some of the places. In the afternoon, we tried some different foods that were linked to England such as cheese from different counties. After that, we had a story all about our new king and made some crowns so we could all be kings and queens. The children all looked amazing in their decorated crowns. 
What a super first week in class!
Mrs Thompson