Emmaville Primary School

North America Year 6

Welcome to the North America Year 6 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Thursday 28th March
Another thoroughly enjoyable week in North America class. This week, we have spent lots of time thinking about British Values, and protected characteristics. I have been so impressed with the children's attitudes, taking part in some really mature discussions about respect, equality and diversity. It is great to see this generation blossoming into tolerant, respectful members of our society. If you get the chance, speak to the children about what these terms mean. 
As well as these, we have also spent time doing some Easter related activities. This started with a prayer space session, organised by the Holy Spirit church linked to the Easter story. We then built on this within class, and the children produced some fantastic first person writing, looking at different key figures within the Easter story. Here is one example from Charlotte. 
Friday 22nd March
We had a real treat in North America class this week with an online workshop with Mr McKenzie, from WW2homefront.org. 
Our workshop was split into three parts, focusing on many different aspects of WW2, including the Blitz, rationing and air raids. However, we feel that the session we learnt most from was looking at the war from the German perspective. Mr McKenzie was German, and talked about his families experience living in Germany at the time of the war, from working for the German government to being a part of the Hitler youth. It was very interesting to challenge stereotypes, and engage in discussion about how it may have felt to live in Germany at the time. 
The children were all so engaged throughout the sessions, and provided fantastic responses to questions and discussion points. Well done North America class. 
Friday 8th March

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. All of the children in KS2 took part in “The Great Big Footy and Booky Quiz” organised by the National Literacy Trust, which had both football and reading related rounds, presented by a wide range of professional football stars. Also, we had the pleasure of being visited by Nursery and Reception children, to share and talk about books together.

Then, in the afternoon, KS1 and KS2 took part in a “book tasting” afternoon where they visited different classrooms set up as book cafes. Each table in the classroom was set up with a different genre of books, including nonfiction, poetry, picture books and chapter books. During these sessions, the children had the chance to work together and “taste” a variety of books and discuss different elements. It was a lovely opportunity to work with different classes across school, and have the opportunity to explore books which they may not have done before. And, of course, what sort of café would it be if there wasn’t some sort of delicious treat involved… A big thank you to our lovely kitchen staff for providing some lovely cupcakes to enjoy at our book cafes.

Friday 1st March
The children have returned to school feeling refreshed after what sounds like a fun filled half term break ready for another busy week (and half term) in North America class. We have started lots of new learning, including football in PE, studying the narrative poem "The Highwayman" in English and learning about electricity in both Science and DT. 
This week also saw attendance at the GSSP swimming gala for a team of children from Year 5/6. As ever, we were incredibly impressed to hear about the attitude shown by the children and how well they displayed key sporting values. The pictures below speak volumes about what an enjoyable afternoon was had by all. 
Friday 16th February
This week, the children have completed their dance unit in PE. I want to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thanks to Lydia, Sienna, Phoebe and Orla for concluding our dance unit in such a brilliant way. The girls have expertly planned, choreographed and taught a fantastic dance routine to the rest of the children in North America class. The girls had even created a seating plan to ensure the dance was just as they envisaged, and didn't forget about delivering a warm up first so that the class were ready to go. Teachers in the making! Thanks again girls. Watch the video below to see the dance in action!
Friday 9th February
Firstly, I just want to express my thanks to the children of North America class for making my first week back from maternity leave such a lovely one. After hearing such positive comments from Mrs McKenna and Mrs Evans about North America class, I was hopeful for a good return, but it couldn't have been nicer. 
The children have embraced their learning across the curriculum, displaying enthusiasm in all lessons. They have displayed impressive knowledge of fractions in maths, shown an understanding  of persuasive writing in English, recalled impressive knowledge of aquatic biomes in Geography and completed some fantastic art work inspired by Van Gogh in art. 
On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. Keeping safe online is something we discuss regularly with our children, and we feel it is important to reiterate key important messages about the digital world. The children took part in some great discussions, and then we finished the session by creating a class poem, which you can see here. 
When we go on the internet, we spend time online, 
We play games, chat and have a good time, 
Most of the time, this is really good, 
But sometimes, there is a hacker lurking under their hood, 
If something starts to go wrong and you don't know what, 
Talking to someone will help you a lot, 
Make sure you find someone you trust, 
Please do, it's important, it's a must. 
Miss McPherson

Friday 2nd February 2024


A large part of our week this week was all about poetry and in particular performance poetry.  We studied a wide range of poems before the children chose their favourite to learn and perform.  We considered the  words of Sarah Kay:


Spoken word poetry involves creating poetry that doesn’t just want to sit on the paper, that something about it demands it to be heard out loud or witnessed in person.’


The children spent some time practising saying their poem to their classmates while considering which parts of the poem that they needed to emphasise; vary the speed, tone or volume of.  They also practised their facial expression and hand gestures to enhance their poem. It’s been an absolute joy to see their enthusiasm shine through and to watch them encouraging one another.  Although only the top three will be entered into the Emmaville Performance Poetry Competition 2024, I felt that they all deserved to be viewed on here.


Well done to all of you and thank you for such a wonderful week.


Mrs McKenna and Mrs Evans

Friday 26th January 2021


On Monday, we celebrated World Religion Day throughout school.  The aim of World Religion Day is to promote understanding and peace between all religions and to encourage people to learn about other faiths and their followers. 


During our RE lesson this week, we considered the six major religions of the world and how the constant message in all of the religions is to treat other as you would want to be treated.  We went on to look at where we see this in our British Values curriculum. 


On Tuesday - Holocaust Memorial Day - we were very fortunate to be able to join 25,000 other young people in a live webcam hosted by the Holocaust Educational Trust.  Natasha Kaplinsky OBE interviewed Holocaust survivor Hedi Argent MBE. It was an incredibly moving and special event; we all agreed that we felt incredibly privileged to be able to hear Hedi’s story and get an insight as to what life must have been like for a Jewish family in the lead up to, and during, WWII.


We were also very fortunate this week to have Brother Khadim from the Newcastle Central Mosque visit our school to share with us his life as a Muslim and a follower of Islam.  During the assembly, Brother Khadim talked about many of the elements of the religion that we have been studying during our RE lessons; he was also fantastic at encouraging the children to ask questions and answering them. 


We are planning a visit to the Newcastle Central Mosque during the summer term and are hoping that we will see Brother Khadim there and be able to increase our understanding of Islam.


We hope you have a lovely, restful weekend.


Mrs McKenna and Mrs Evans

Friday 19th January 2024


We’ve had a lovely busy week in North America class.  On Wednesday, we had a visit from the Gateshead Music Service who treated us to a wonderful music workshop in which the children enjoyed an array of songs from around the world. The children not only sang along with the live music, but they also had lots of fun guessing the flags and accompanying the musicians on a variety of instruments.


In history this week, we considered what life must have been like for children living in poverty during Victorian times.  The children studied the dangerous jobs and conditions that Victorian children worked in and created some art to show not only how they looked but how they must have felt.


Despite the cold conditions, we managed to get out to play a basketball tournament this afternoon.  I am so impressed by how the children’s skills are improving.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McK

Friday 12th January 2024

Well done North America class for starting the new year with such positivity – it has been a really enjoyable and productive week.


This week in Computing, we completed our unit on using iMovie to create a promotional video for our school.  The children had to work as a team to video one of eight locations around school and use their persuasive language skills as well as their computing skills.  There are some photos on here of the children at work; however, I can’t wait to merge the videos together to show you the finished product of all of their hard work.


We welcomed a new student this week: Mason who has had an excellent first week with us and has quickly become an absolute asset to our class.  I have been so proud to watch the class being so welcoming to Mason.


I hope you all have a lovely restful weekend.


Mrs McK