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Northern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Northern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 17th May
Design & Technology - Making a fruit tart to celebrate the Euros.

On Thursday in Design and Technology lesson, we had a fantastic time making our very own tarts. We had to work hard so that we were able to follow a recipe, and work as a team to decide who was going to do each job. The tarts we made were delicious and included broken biscuits, cream cheese, white chocolate and decorative fruit. The children earnt lots of buttons in the jar because I was really impressed with how well they shared out the jobs and utensils and also how they worked kindly and helpfully with each other. It was lovely to see their faces when they tasted the tarts! Mmmm! Delicious!

Friday 10th May
Visit from Author Adam Bushnell
The children are always really excited when Adam comes to visit us! He arrived as usual, loaded up with assorted interesting artefacts! The theme of the visit was the Stone Age to link with our history topic. The children looked at an illustration of a Stone Age village from a book that Adam had brought with him. They learnt about the types of jobs that Stone Age people might have done and thought which one they would like to have done. Some of them wanted to be the look out or the hunter. Others wanted to be the fire starter. They thought about what they might see, hear, smell, touch or taste in a Stone Age village. There were lots of interesting artefacts for them to pass around the class including parts of tools, arrows and spears for hunting animals and fur and leather which would have been used for clothing. The children then created a story plan using all the ideas they had collected. It was a fantastic morning!
Friday 26th April
PE - Basketball
This half term we are learning basketball skills. I was very impressed with what the children could remember from the previous week when we had our lesson yesterday. This week we learnt how to protect the ball when dribbling against an opponent. The children practised bending their knees to get low and putting their non-dribbling arm out to protect against an opponent. They also used their body as a barrier between the ball and their opponent. It was great to see the children enjoying practising these skills and giving each other feedback. Some of the dribbling I have seen is amazing. I think we have some superstar players in the making! 

Friday 19th April

Computing – Online Safety

Today we have been learning tips for how to stay safe when sharing photos and videos online. We watched an animation of a scenario and then answered some questions. The children had some fantastic ideas about what was and what wasn’t a good idea and could also explain why. Then we made posters with tips for staying safe online when sharing photos and videos. I was really impressed with what the children could recall.

Some of the children’s tips are:

Don’t share videos of yourself publicly, only share with your friends and family. Thomas

Don’t share photos or videos where you can see the badge on your school uniform. Scarlett

Never share your address, so be careful that parcels or letters aren’t in your photo. Ellie C

Don’t post unkind words or pictures. Alice

Don’t share personal details. Chloe

Don’t share your car number plate. Charlotte

Be careful when you are sharing things that it won’t upset people. Imogen

If something does go wrong, tell a trusted adult. Ellie B