Emmaville Primary School

Wales Year 2

Welcome to the Wales Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 17th March
In Geography this week, we have been learning about the fourth and final capital city of the United Kingdom, Belfast in Northern Ireland. Some of the children were very familiar with this city as they had close relatives their and enjoyed sharing their first-hand experiences over their childhood. We identified its location within the United Kingdom and looked at the famous landmarks which could be explored there. Afterwards, we made comparisons with a previously taught city- London. They children were quick to spot some similarities using the photographs and maps. Our next history lesson links closely to Belfast as this was where the famous ship The Titanic was built.
The children are always passionate about their G History lessons as they learn about significant people including Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Sir David Attenborough and this week we learnt about a significant event in history. Wales class are very excited to learn more about this disastrous event and understand what life would have been like for those passengers onboard whether they were in first, second or third class.
Friday 10th March
The children at Emmaville are very lucky with the array of opportunities they get. This half-term the children of Wales and Northern Ireland are receiving a 6 week block of football coaching by Newcastle Football Foundation. Our coach is Shay and the children have already thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. This week, the children have been furthering their dribbling skills using the left and right side of their foot.
They were finished the lesson with a short, but competitive, game of football to apply their skills.
Friday 3rd March
The children always look forward to World Book Day and have been planning their costumes for months. What a brilliant World Book Day, or more like a week, we had. Wales classroom was buzzing with excitement. We had Charlie Bucket, Fairies, many Hermione Grainger's and some new faces too. The children practiced their oracy skills, asking about their character and discussing their chosen book with their peers. We were all very interested in Alfie's book, 'Beast Quest' by Adam Blade. Alfie has kindly lent us the book and we cannot wait to start reading it. 
As well as sharing our love of reading, we even became authors of our very own class story. We worked as a class to write a suspense story, which we called 'Charlie and his Adventure'. The children illustrated the story themselves and it is even going to be published professionally. We await its return so that we can share it with all of our family and friends.
Friday 10th February
Wales class want to say 'merci beaucoup' to Mrs Cornforth for their exciting Geography lesson this week. We were delighted to welcome Mrs Cornforth into our class to teach the children all about Paris in our geography lesson. The children were immersed in the culture and the language through one of Mrs Cornforth's favourite books, A Lion in Paris. They were captivated by the story which was read in both French and English. Through the story, the children were introduced to the 'city of romance', Paris and its most famous landmarks including le Louvre, Le Palais de Versailles, Le Sacre Coeur and Le Tour Eiffel. We couldn't believe it took 21 years to build the Palace of Versailles and that the Sacre Coeur is built using a 'self-cleaning' material. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about this city and how the River Seine divided it in half.
We couldn't finish the lesson without trying some of Paris' culinary delicacies such as crepes and brie cheese. What a fantastic afternoon we had in Geography this week. The children are becoming more confident in speaking some French and are even answering the register in French now!
Friday 3rd February
As part of both PSHE and Computing, the children learn about how to stay safe online and recognise when they need to alert an adult. We were lucky to take part in a fun and informative workshop this afternoon by Big Foot Theatre Company. We listened carefully and took part in a range of activities to help Boo to keep safe online. We became detectives, helping to recognise clues that Boo was in danger and she had that 'funny feeling'. We created our own actions to help us remember some of the most important rules. Next week, we will embed these through our Safer Internet Day.
Ask us how we can stay safe online!
We even went home with a little rhyme and actions to ask our parents, "have you turned on the parental controls?".
Friday 27th January
I have been so impressed with how much the children have remembered from their computing lessons in Year 1. This half-term, the children have been furthering their coding skills in computing. We began by giving instructions (algorithms) to our friends to help them to navigate their way through an obstacle course. Then we worked as a class to write algorithms to move a Beebot through a course. Finally, this week, we are now able to write our own algorithms using mathematical language such as quarter turn, half turn. left, right etc. We can even debug an algorithm to identify which part of the code is wrong and alter it so that it works. A huge 'jolly-well-done' to Year 2 who really have blown me away with their ability to use algorithms successfully.
Friday 20th January
This term in Wales class, we will be completing a unit in Design Technology all about Healthy Eating and will be designing a healthy lunch in the next coming weeks. The children were all very excited when they discovered that they were going to be taste testing some foods. The children tasted mango, yellow pepper, red pepper, cheese, pitta and humous. As you can see from the photos, the children had very different opinions about whether they would eat them again or not. We discussed which food groups they came from and talked about the importance of having a balanced diet. Wales class can't wait to make their healthy lunches, I'm sure they are going to be delicious!