Emmaville Primary School

Southern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 15th December 2023
Enrichment Week
We have had quite an action-packed week in Southern Europe this week! 
Thank you to all the families who came to see the children perform our carols in the playground on Wednesday night. The children were delighted to share them with you. We also had a great time this week creating our own performance for "A Cover is Not the Book" from Mary Poppins Returns and the children did a brilliant job of coming up with their own actions. 
With our focus being on Reading for Pleasure and Oracy, we really enjoyed looking at a wordless book called "Looking Down". We used our oracy skills to predict what might happen next and had a fabulous discussion as a class using our ABC responses. 
Well done Southern Europe!
Friday 8th December 2023
Christmas Tree Carols
We had an absolutely fabulous time on Wednesday when we were able to perform the Christmas Carols we've been learning at Church of the Holy Spirit in Crawcrook. The children sang so beautifully despite being a little bit nervous when they saw the crowds! It was so wonderful seeing the children enjoying themselves and being able to share all our hard work with family and friends. We even got an early visit and treat from Santa! 
Thank you to everyone who came to listen and sing along, I'm sure you are as proud of the children as I am!
Have a lovely weekend.  
Friday 1st December 2023 
We have had another fabulous week in Southern Europe! 
We were very thoughtful in our PSHE lesson this week where we were thinking about bullying and how we would respond if we saw somebody being bullied. It was an absolute pleasure to see how thoughtful and caring the children were in their responses and how brilliant the conversations were that we had. 
Have a lovely weekend! 
Friday 24th November 2023
This week we have had a fantastic time in art continuing with our topic on pre-historic painting. This week we had to paint using spices, as people who were in the pre-historic time period wouldn't have been able to pop to the shops and buy paint! The children were really surprised at how well the spices worked to paid with. We mixed cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and paprika with a little bit of water and PVA glue to see which one would make the most vibrant colour. 
To really feel like we were prehistoric people painting with natural resources, we turned off the lights in our classroom and painted by firelight! 
Friday 17th November 2023 
Children in Need
Thank you so much for all of your donations for Children in Need this week! The children all looked absolutely brilliant today in their Pudsey ears, wristbands and outfits. 
We spent some time this afternoon thinking about the purpose of Children in Need and where our donations are going. We then did some Children in Need activities this afternoon which the children did a fabulous job with. 
Friday 10th November 2023
Lego Building Algorithms
What a fantastic first week we've had in Southern Europe! 
This afternoon, in Computing, we were thinking about algorithms using Lego. The children had a lot of fun building their own model using Lego bricks. They then had to take away one piece of Lego at a time while they took photos of each step. This left them with an algorithm to create their very own model! We tested each others algorithms out to see if we could recreate the models that our friends had made. Southern Europe did a fantastic job. 
It has been a fabulous afternoon! Well done Year 3!
Friday 20th October 2023 
We had a lot of fun this week constructing our Stone Age dwellings out of clay and we had lots of fabulous resources to decorate our creations with. It was lovely to see the children in Southern Europe get creative (and slightly messy!). Each dwelling turned out so different. 
Thank you to all the families who went out and collected sticks, stones and other resources that the children brought in to school. 
Friday 13th October 2023 
Crawcrook Library Visit
I was very proud of Southern Europe class this week when we had the opportunity to visit Crawcrook Library for a Reading for Pleasure workshop! The children really enjoyed listening to a couple of chapters from Captain Underpants from the librarian; it was a really funny story! We also loved having a go at some true or false questions.
After that, the children were able to choose their own book from the shelves and we spent 10 minutes reading quietly. We had a fantastic time and we all found a book we were interested in, which was lovely to see. The librarians commented on how fantastic we were during our workshop. 
Well done Southern Europe! 
Friday 6th October 2023
This week in Science we have been learning about why we have skeletons and what they do. We learnt where some bones are in our bodies like our skulls, pelvis, ribcages and spines. We even learnt about the humerus which is our funny bone. We also learnt some fun new facts! Did you know, a new born baby has more bones in its body than an adult? 
Have a fabulous weekend, see you all on Monday! 
Friday 29th September 2023
We have had a very busy week in Southern Europe! 
In our Computing lesson, we are focusing on making our very own e-books. This afternoon the children worked really hard planning what they will put in their e-book. We connected our topic to the learning we have been doing in Science, which is all about the Eat Well Plate and how to keep our bodies healthy. 
Thank you to all the parents who came out to our "Meet The Teacher" session. It was lovely to see so many of you. 
Have a great weekend!
Friday 22nd September 2023 
National Coding Week
This week was National Coding Week, which the children were very excited about. In our computing lesson, we had the opportunity to code our very own video game! We had to programme a little dinosaur to collect coins and jump over obstacles. Although it was a little bit tricky, the children had a great time and were very proud of themselves when their game worked. 
Southern Europe class had a very tiring day on Wednesday when we completed our trials for the cross country run. This meant that we had to run five laps of our school field! The children were very tired by the end of it but did a fantastic job. 
Friday 15th September
We have had another fantastic week in Southern Europe class. 
This week we spent some time in Geography looking at human and physical features of the land for a case study we will be carrying out over the coming weeks. The children had a great time looking at all the different features we have here, in Gateshead and Newcastle.  
Today, I was so impressed at our class's knowledge on how to keep safe on the internet. We spent this afternoon learning about SMART rules and the children gave fantastic examples of things to look out for when spending time online. 
I have been so impressed with Southern Europe this week! 
Friday 8th September
First Week in Year 3
We have had a fantastic first week back in Southern Europe class. 
It has been so lovely spending this week getting to know all of the wonderful children in Southern Europe class. Miss Dixon and I are so excited to work with them this year. 
We have spent this week learning about each other a little bit more, talking about how to recognise different emotions and how best to react to them. We got to think about what our 'nightmare' and 'dream school' might look like and what makes our school so great. We discussed what we want our class rules to be in order to make our classroom the best place to learn for everyone.
Today, the children had a fantastic time trying traditional Southern European foods. In our lesson, we were able to try halloumi, hummus, tzatziki and pitta bread. I was so impressed to see so many children willing to try different foods for the first time!
I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, have a lovely weekend!
Miss Moffitt