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England Year 1

Welcome to the England Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Thursday 28th March


Happy last day of term everyone! This half-term has been so busy and the children have worked so hard in class. We have had lots of brilliant things happen such as our Easter Production and this week we have completed an Enrichment Week in Protected Characteristics and British Values.


We have found out what the British Values are and explored each of the values together as a class. This started on Monday when we looked at Democracy. We took part in a whole school vote of whether we should have a non-school uniform day today. The votes were counted and the results were 306 saying yes and 18 saying no. On Tuesday, we had a visit from a police community engagement officer who spoke to the children all about his role and what the police do. The children loved asking questions in the assembly and many came out saying they wanted to be a police officer when they grow up to help protect and people safe. Today we have explored the protected characteristic of Religion and Gender. We have read the story the Proudest Blue and thought about what makes us proud. We also read the book Zog and the flying doctors and talked about the roles that anyone can do no matter their gender.


As well as all of our lovely enrichment week activities, we have also been taking part in some wonderful Easter activities. Yesterday we went on a brilliant Easter egg hunt organised by School Council and the Easter Bunny. We absolutely loved going round with Bunny Oscar and Bunny Charlotte to find all of the clues. When we completed our last clue we returned back to class and found some lovely delicious Easter chocolate treats waiting for us! We also spent Monday afternoon decorating hard boiled eggs. We took part in a whole school Easter egg competition and I am delighted to share with you our class winners below. It was so hard to choose 3 winners because all of the eggs were absolutely amazing and the children worked so hard to complete their decorating. Furthermore, they did all of the work independently and I was so impressed with their creative talents.

The winners for our class are …

1st Place – Harrison

2nd Place – Oliver B

3rd Place – Pearl


I hope you all have an amazing Easter holidays and I look forward to seeing you when we come back for our final Summer term.

Mrs Thompson

Friday 22nd March 
It has been an absolutely amazing week in England class topped off today by a fantastic performance from the children of 'The Chocolate Shop'. The children have worked so hard to learn their lines, sing the songs and copy the actions. The story was all about a chocolate shop full of eggs, bunnies and flowers however things go a little bit wrong when the eggs and the bunnies have an argument about who should be in the front of the shop window. Luckily the flowers try to make the bunnies and eggs realise that they need to get along to make the chocolate maker happy again. I am so proud of all of the children as a class teacher as they went out onto the stage and were so confident and performed so fantastic. It is hard to believe that the children who performed are only 5 and 6!
We have a lovely Easter week planned next week and I can't wait to see the children's decorated eggs as part of our school competition. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson

Friday 15th March


It has been such a busy week this week in England class. We have been writing our innovated ‘Whatever Next’ stories, found out all about Mumbai in Geography and learnt how to cross the road safely with Jigsaw Jack in PSHE.


This week in DT we have been making our very own rockets using recyclable materials. We started the lesson off by talking about our designs that we had came up with last week in our planning lesson.  We then emptied all of the materials we had brought in from home into the middle of the classroom. We shared all of our materials with each other and were given 45 minutes to create our rocket using the materials. The children were such team players and helped each other with their building of the rockets. After the time was up we then showed our rockets to our friends however the fun didn’t stop there as we had to tidy the classroom which looked upside down! I have to say England class really are the best at tidying things up.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Thompson

Thursday 8th March 
Happy World Book Day! The children all looked amazing in their wonderful costumes. It has been the most fantastic day in school for all of the children and especially the boys and girls in England class who have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with the Yr6 children where they have enjoyed a book tasting event. The children got to work with the Yr6's to look at some different types of books that they might enjoy and then they went on to draw a menu for the books they had read. They even had cake during their time at the book café! We had such a fantastic time working with the Yr6 children and loved spending time with them reading stories. During our celebrations, we have also explored some of our favourite books and characters and designed new front covers for some of our favourite books. 
Friday 1st March 
Happy first week back everyone! We have been working so hard this week in class learning all about Moscow in Geography, learning a new story of Whatever Next in English and we completed a Maths Mastery workshop with our grown-ups on Tuesday afternoon.
This week I wanted to share the wonderful work we have been doing in PSHE on our new topic of Healthy Me.We started our lesson with Jigsaw Jack getting us to sort some statements into whether we thought they were healthy choices or unhealthy choices such as 'eating lots of chocolate' or 'drinking water everyday'. We then sang the song 'If you're healthy and you know it..' with different ways you can stay healthy. After that. we explored ways we can keep our bodies healthy such as having a healthy diet by eating 5 fruit or vegetables a day, going out for fresh air and exercising daily. We then created a stick person with ways to keep healthy jotted around it. I was so impressed by the children's knowledge of ways they can keep themselves healthy.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson
Friday 16th February
It has been such a fantastic week and half-term and I am so proud of how hard all the children have worked since coming back to school. They have worked their socks off so much they managed to fill the marble jar up! The children have enjoyed a very well-deserved marble jar reward this afternoon of watching a film with sweets and popcorn. 
This week we have been working so hard in Maths finding out all about doubling and halving numbers. I couldn't believe how fast the children were at finding the doubles for the numbers 0-5 and they even challenged themselves to understand doubles of even bigger numbers! On Monday, we played some double games including double bingo. Mrs Lowe was wowed on Tuesday morning at how the children were able to quickly find doubles and halves of each number. We have then carried on trying to use this sticky knowledge to find near doubles and near halves. I don't think I have ever seen children work so speedily in Maths and I really think the children have tried hard to master their number facts within our Maths lessons and Maths mastery lessons. Keep being such fantastic mathematicians England class!
Have a wonderful half term everyone!
Mrs Thompson
Friday 9th February 
It has been such a busy week this week in England class as we have taken part in celebrating safer internet day and children's mental health week. For these we completed some activities all about how we can stay safe online after hearing a story about Mo and Jaz. We also discussed in our PSHE lesson that it is okay not to feel okay. We talked about what this might look like and what we can do to help ourselves feel better. We listened to a brilliant song by 'Sophie says' on YouTube which helped to remind us of the things we can do to help make ourselves feel better, 
This week in Geography we have found out all about the Giant's Causeway which is in Northern Ireland. We discussed about how the Giant's Causeway was believed to have been made and even explored the myth around the 2 giants creating the causeway. We had a lot of discussion and debate about how we thought the causeway was made - lots of us thought it was the giants! After our discussions, we made a mini tourist booklet for visitors who are wanting to find out all about the Giant's Causeway. We included the location on a map and discussed how the causeway was made. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson. 
Friday 2nd February
It has been such a fantastic week in England class this week full of so much fun and learning. The children have worked their socks off as part of our invention week including today when we have had the wonderful author Adam Bushnell in class to work with the children. 
This week in school we were set with the challenge of performing a poem that we love. We explored some different children's poems written by various authors and chose some of our favourites. A lot of us loved the same poem 'Jam on Toast' by Gareth Owen. We then were set with the challenge of learning our poem ready to perform in front of the rest of the class. We took lots of hints and tips from various famous poets such as Michael Rosen and Joseph Coelho. Some of us even took our poems home to practice with our grown-ups. On Wednesday, we then performed the poems in front of the class. Every single person was absolutely amazing and it was so hard to choose a winner. I have chosen some of our fantastic performances to share with you as I loved their expression, pitch and actions whilst performing. After a long time and much deliberation, we chose Masie as our class winner with her performance of 'Jam on Toast'. Well done Maisie and well done to all of the other children in the class who stood up and performed their poem. You are all superstars! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Thompson

Friday 26th January


We have had such a busy week this week in England class and the children have worked their socks off! We have been learning all about properties of materials in Science, finding out all about Washington DC in Geography and comparing it to our learning in York and discussing what makes a good friend in RE as part of our new topic focusing on forgiveness.


On Monday, we took part in World Religion Day across school, finding out all about some of the major religions people follow. We had Brother Khadim, from the Newcastle Central Mosque, come into school to talk to us all about his life as Muslim. We asked some really good questions during the assembly and were fascinated that Brother Khadim prays 5 times a day, every day of the year. He showed us the steps he does when praying in the Mosque and showed us some different prayer mats.


On Wednesday, we had a brilliant art lesson as part of our unit this term on Sculpture. During the lesson we made some paper tube towers. We found out that we had to roll the paper to make the towers and we could use cylinder shapes to complete the rolling. Some of us rolled the paper around glue sticks, pencils and even our water bottles! After that we thought of ways that we could stick the paper towers down. We realised we had to make some cuts on the bottom and fold them to use as base for the tower. We glued the base to our bottom sheet of black card. Additionally, some of us thought about decorating our 3D paper tower sculpture in different ways such as cutting parts out or colouring some of them in. It was a super lesson and we can’t wait to complete some more sculptures with paper next week.


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Mrs Thompson

Friday 19th January 
We have had such a busy week in England class this week full of so much fun and learning! We have been learning all about Sir Christopher Wren in our History and Art lessons and have explored some of the famous buildings he designed as an architect. Additionally, on Wednesday morning we had an absolutely brilliant assembly delivered from the Gateshead Music Workshop all about music from countries around the world. We loved getting involved by singing or being part of the band playing some instruments. 
This week in PE we have been continuing our unit on Gymnastics. This week we were exploring how to make different gymnastic shapes using our bodies. We had to make a star, pike, straddle, dish, arch and tuck. The children were brilliant at moving their bodies to make the shapes. We found some of them tricky such as the dish and straddle because it really stretched our muscles in our bodies. We are looking forward to learning some rolls next lesson in preparation for making some gymnastic sequences. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
Mrs Thompson

Friday 12th January
Happy New Year everyone! What a start we have had to the new year in England class this week. The children have came back from the holidays ready and raring to go in all of our lessons and I am so proud of the fantastic growth mindset they have shown this week in some very tricky maths lessons. This week we have started a new story in English called George and the Dragon, learnt all about different types of materials in Science and talked about our treasure chest of success and what we are proud of in PSHE with Jigsaw Jack. 
This week I wanted to share with you the fantastic work we complete in Geography where this week we found out all about York. Some of us had visited York before on the train or by car and it was great to hear all the children's stories about things in York they had already seen. We looked at some of the key features in York including the city walls, Clifford's Tower, the Railway Station, York Minister and the River Ouse. We focused on looking at lots of different types of maps of York to find some key features on. All the maps had similarities and differences which we discussed on the carpet. We then used an aerial map to try and identify some of the key places in York. The children blew me away with how good they were at spotting the features on the map. We challenged ourselves to think about whether the features were human or physical features of Geography. We realised that York has lots of human features of Geography such as York Minister and Clifford's Tower but that it also has a human feature of the River Ouse which runs through it. I think following our lesson, lots of us wanted to go and visit York to see if we could spot anything we had learnt about in the lesson. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
Winner - Maisie performing 'Jam on Toast' by Gareth Owen