Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week Ending Friday 17th May 2024
To celebrate deaf awareness week, Lisa, who supports one of our friends in class, gave us an  insight into how we can help support people who struggle to hear.
Lisa told us more about sign language and lip reading. She reminded us it is important to look at the person and speak clearly. We were set a little challenge of learning how to sign our name over the next week to show her when she returns to school on Monday. She also gave us some pictures to colour which she is going to judge next week for a little prize
Week Ending Friday 10th May 2024
This week the children have all made the most of the fabulous weather and have conducted lots of their learning outside. We have had some amazing examples of collaborative play including building obstacle courses, imaginative role-play games, and damning and river building in the sand pit.
This week, the children have also learned a lot about maps and mapping. We have used Doc Robots and learned more about coding and positional language to make the robots move to specific points on the floor maps.
We have also looked at a range of maps, both paper and digital. The children enjoyed looking at their houses, the school, and familiar landmarks such as the park on Google Earth. We also used Digimaps to look at Ordnance Survey Maps of the same area. 
The children also looked at paper maps of England, trying to figure out what the different colours, lines, and symbols might represent. We talked about the term 'a birds eye view' when thinking about what a map shows us.
Our half-termly artist study is Antony Gormley. We learned about what a 'sculptor' is and many of the children already knew about his most famous piece, The Angel of the North.' After studying what the Angel looked like, the children made some fabulous representations of the Angel using oil pastels and watercolors.
Week Ending Friday 3rd May 2024
One of our Friday jobs this week was looking back at the Zones Of Regulation.
These are the 4 colours that we can use to identify how we are feeling.
This week, we looked more closely at what tools we could use if we were feeling 'yellow' - nervous, excited, or confused or 'red' - angry or very sad.
We identified how some simple things like having a drink or a snack, going for a walk, or going to a quiet place could help.
We also practiced some deep breathing exercises using the rainbow image, butterfly breathing by tapping on your shoulders or knees, and lastly star breathing.
All of the children decorated a star-breathing template to take home.
I encouraged them to put it in their bedrooms or in a quiet corner to use to help them if they ever feel 'yellow' or 'red' at home.
Week Ending Friday 26th April 2024
This week in maths we were impressed with how well the children grasped the concept of addition using a 'first, then, now' structure to create mathematical stories.

For example:

There are 4 pandas drinking at a lake. Then 2 more come along to join them.

6 pandas.

How many pandas were at the lake at first?

First there were 4 pandas at the lake.

How many more then came to the lake?

Then another 2 more were added.

How many pandas are at the lake now?

Now there are 6 pandas altogether.


Week Ending Friday 19th April 2024
What a lovely, busy start to the summer term we have had this week.
In English, we began our new Talk For Writing unit using the story Supertato. We have already had some fantastic lessons around characters, plot, and character descriptions as we made our model Supertato's!
In Maths, we looked at doubling and the children blew me away with their speedy recall of doubles to 5. We also looked at number patterns after ten; including those tricky teen numbers. See if your child can remember what the 1 represents in numbers such as 12 or 13.
On Wednesday, the children enjoyed joining in with rest of the school for a music workshop in the hall. Some of the children were even chosen to join the band at the front of the hall and play instruements.
Some children also made the trip to Gateshead International Stadium with Miss Kenyon and Mrs Hunter to take part in a Space-themed Multiskills PE festival. Miss Kenyon said that the children were super shiny stars and did Emmaville proud with their teamwork and effort.
On Friday, all of our Four Fun Friday jobs revolved around 'history'. The children were introduced to the vocabulary of 'past' and 'present' as we looked at some very interesting artifacts that were kindly brought into school by some families. We looked at a range of household items, such as old telephones, mobile phones, cassette radios, books, tapes, and gaming machines. Thank you for also sending in photographs of your children as babies or toddlers so that we could talk about how the children themselves had changed over time. We played a guessing game to see if we could tell which baby was who!