Emmaville Primary School

Antarctica Year 5

Welcome to the Antarctica Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Thursday 23rd May
The final week of this half term has come around so fast! As part of our Linking Project, we have started to think about what social change we want to do to improve our local biodiversity, our mental health and our school ground. 
We went out with Oceania class on Tuesday afternoon to have a look at the habitats that we have in our school grounds, and which animals we are welcoming. As part of the Education National Parks scheme, we have mapped our school grounds and are going to work on improving the biodiversity in our area. Stay tuned for what we get up to and how we improve and change our area!

Friday 17th May

What a busy week we have had! In science, we have been looking at life cycles and the gestation times of different mammals. Before we tried to make our own scatter graphs, we made a giant one on the floor and worked together to create a scale and put the animals in the right place. We noticed a trend that the larger the animal, the longer the gestation time seemed to be – usually anyway!

To consolidate our knowledge of bird life cycles, we got to wander over to nursery for a very exciting treat. Their chicks have begun to hatch! It was such a treat to hold a chick and see just how cute they are in real life.

In DT, we have had a chat about healthy snacks and ways to make sure we eat enough veg. This led onto a taste testing afternoon! Carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, baby corn and cucumber were enjoyed (or not) with salsa and hummus – it was a lot of fun, and some of us even found new foods that we like!

Finally, a huge well done to our year 5 girls’ footballers who played this week. Your team spirit and positive attitude will take you all so far. 4 days to go…

Friday 10th May
Considering it's been a 4 day week, we have certainly managed to squeeze a lot in! On Tuesday, we headed into Newcastle to the Laing Art Gallery to meet our linked class from Woodlawn School in Whitley Bay. Through our linking project, we have had some great learning opportunities and this was a well anticipated day out.
We took part in two workshops over the day; gallery games and a landscape art session. We got to explore the galleries of the Laing whilst getting to know our new friends, which we absolutely loved.
Gallery games were great fun, and we got to know our linked class by finding out little details about them that were similar to us and thinking about ways that we are the same. We then did some 'back-to-back' drawing where we described a painting to a friend and they had to draw it from description alone - trickier than we expected! We got to look around the gallery and see if we could make up stories from the paintings, and then (using our voices and some body percussion) we made a soundscape.
Then, it was a trip to the Northern Spirit exhibition to look at landscapes of the North East to inspire our very own landscapes. From New York, Noah and Evan Town and a blossom forest to the sea and animal land - we certainly used our creativity to make 3D landscapes.
What a great day, and a fantastic opportunity to meet our linked class in real life. We hope we get to see them again soon!
Friday 3rd May
Our week started with a visit from Sam Cree and her friends, who came on Monday afternoon to deliver three sessions based around St. Luke's Gospel.  In the workshops, we looked at a version of the Gospel written and illustrated by Gemma Willis, which contains lots of cartoons and captions telling the stories of Jesus and his early life in the style of the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books.  We filled in comprehension quiz questions, drew our own cartoon strips to keep in decorated matchboxes and took part in some drama.  All the adults leading the activities were super-impressed with how well all of us engaged in them.  
On Tuesday, we all paid a visit to the SafetyWorks centre in Newcastle.  There, we were taken though five fast-paced workshops that were packed full of brilliant advice that may one day save our lives.  The workshops were lead by a variety of professionals from organisations like St John Ambulance, Blue Cross, the Fire Service and the RNLI, and were all delivered in mock-ups of real places.  We learned how to read the body language of dogs that we don't know; how to pack for a safe day out in the sun; how to stay safe at a Metro station; how to be safe around water, whether it be the sea or a river; how to phone the emergency services; how to cross roads safely; and how to be safe in the garden around bonfires and barbecues.  It really was amazing and we learnt so much.
Friday 26th April
In DT this week, we made fruit kebabs. Many of us tried fruits that we had never had before, and loved them! We used our chopping skills to make the fruit bite sized, then organised them on the skewer to make sure they looked appetising. We had a lot of fun!

On Tuesday this week, we were lucky enough to take a trip to the Oriental Museum at Durham University. Our guide for the day, Michael, made us honorary university students and our journey through the museum began!

First, we went into the gallery to complete a series of challenges that involved us finding different artefacts and thinking about what they might have been used for. It was great to explore the gallery and work as a team to explore.

Then, we went into the classroom for a handling artefacts session. We looked at some oracle bones, food storage pots, wine storage pots and jugs, as well as a mask. It was great to get to see some Shang items and truly understand what the Shang people may have used them for.

After lunch, we brushed up on our acting skills as we did a performance that told the story of the final Shang king. All he wanted to do was make his (very miserable) wife laugh, so he did lots of unkind things to others to make her happy. It ended very badly for him, and Ethan acted out his final moments brilliantly. Bravo to our brilliant actors and actresses for their performances.

Finally, it was time to create some artwork. Using embossing tools and gold foil, we decorated some Shang pots. Overall, it was a fantastic day and a brilliant way to consolidate our learning so far. What a great week!

Friday 19th April
Our first week back has been full of fun and learning. What a treat we had on Wednesday! We were visited by our friends from the Gateshead Music Service for a music workshop. This time, it was all about rhythms. We started with some body percussion, before moving to instruments. We used a range of instruments, including snare drums and tamborims, to make sounds using different rhythms being played together. We had a lot of fun, we always love their visits!
On Friday, we started our BikeAbility sessions. We had a lot of fun, and we can't wait to be out on the roads next week learning how to stay safe when we are on our bikes.