Emmaville Primary School

Southern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 14th June
We have had a really busy and fun packed week.
Skipping Workshop
On Monday, we enjoyed our skipping workshop. According to our skipping coach, apparently there are some very good skippers in Southern Europe class! We did jumping, hopping and paired skipping! As you can see from the pictures we had great fun. For those who weren't so confident, we were  taught techniques to help us to know when to jump. 
Emma Jenkins Mindfulness Workshop
On Wednesday, we had a wonderful time with Emma Jenkins learning how to be more mindful. We learnt how our brain can get stuck with messages of being worried or angry and we learnt ways that we can help ourselves to calm our brain. One of our favourite activities was the self massage! I definitely think we will be trying that again in class.
Year 3's Assembly
And also this week we have been practising for our class assembly. On Friday it was time to perform to our parents, siblings and some of the classes in school. You were AMAZING year 3! You should be very proud of yourselves.
Friday 30th June
Art - Scandinavian Folk Art - Printing
Our topic in art this half term is Scandinavian Folk Art. The children looked at artists for inspiration. They then experimented with the technique. Once they understood what did and didn't work well. they designed and made their own printing blocks using styrofoam tiles. This week, the children had fun printing with their tiles. They tried layering, repeating and rotating the prints. They also experimented with colours. We were all impressed with the results!
Friday 23rd June
Science - parts of a flower
In Science today, the children found out about the different parts of a flower. They looked at a flower really closely. Then they really enjoyed dissecting the flower. They identified which were the male parts of the flower and which were the female parts. Then they drew and labelled a diagram of a flower. Well done everyone!

Friday 16th June

Year 3’s Educational Visit to the Discovery Museum - Science Works!

What a fabulous day year 3 had at the Discovery Museum on Thursday 15th June! It all started with journey on a double decker coach which was very exciting! Those of us on the top deck had some wonderful views of the Tyne.

When we reached the Discovery Museum we were split into our two classes and spent the day doing 4 different activities.

We watched Professor Pumpernickel’s Science Show. He was very funny and had blue hair and a blue beard! He demonstrated some chemical reactions; one made a cloud and another made an explosion! He showed us an optical illusion where he spun a spiral that we watched for a few minutes. When it stopped spinning, it looked as though his head was getting bigger and bigger! The children though this was hilarious! We also learnt about sound waves and saw some flames move in time with a beating drum.

We had fun getting hands-on in the science maze, investigating all sorts of scientific puzzles and activities. Lots of children said they’d like to come back here with their parents!

We had our lunch sitting next to the Turbinia which was apparently once the fastest vessel on the sea!

At the Solids, Liquids and Gases Workshop, we experimented with balloons that were full of air, water and ice. We also made a chemical reaction in a balloon using lemonade that made the balloon inflate all by itself!

With the Laing Art Gallery, we used filter papers, pens and water to create designs on a flower to make a card.

We also came home with a booklet about Science Experiments we can do at home.

Wow! What a day we had! The behaviour was exemplary and this was commented on by museum staff. Well done Year 3! You are all super stars!

Friday 9th June
Forest Schools
How lucky we are to have our own forest area in the school grounds! Over the last couple of weeks at school, Southern Europe have had the opportunity to participate in some wonderful Forest School activities with Mr Elliott. They have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating, sharing and creating with sticks, stones, leaves, paint and mud! They also learnt to use tools under supervision. The children are always so excited to go outside for their Forest Schools session and are delighted to share what they have done when they come back inside. Thank you Mr Elliott!
Friday 19th May
Library Visit
This week we paid a visit to Crawcrook Library. The children had a lovely time choosing and reading some books, playing a fact game and playing higher or lower. We learnt that children can borrow 20 books at a time, if they can carry them! We also found out that there will be some fun activities going on at the library over half term, so do pop if if you have the chance. Many thanks to Kyle from the library who made our visit so enjoyable!
Friday 5th May
Coronation Celebration Day
We have had a spectacular celebration day today. Everyone came to school in red, white and blue or in party clothes and looked amazing!
We participated in many fun activities including: learning about what will happen at the coronation tomorrow, sketching King Charles and making flags. There was also a celebration lunch and even an ice cream van! Wow! What a day!
To finish the day we sang a coronation song!
Happy Coronation Weekend everyone!
Friday 28th April
Penny Whistle - Improving a performance
We have been practising a Folk Song Duet in our Penny Whistle lessons. Last week, we recorded our performance and this week we thought about things we could do to improve before recording it again. Our improvements included: Making sure our left hand is at the top of our whistle, using our right thumb to support the lower half of the whistle, holding the whistle at the correct angle while playing and sitting upright in our chair. You have definitely improved your performance Southern Europe! Well done!

Friday 21st April

Music Workshop – Reggae

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful music workshop with Gateshead Music Service. It was all about Reggae and Ska music. We learnt about the origins of the music and listened to and joined in with some songs including Kingston Town by UB40 and I Love You (Special Brew) by Bad Manners. We also learnt about Bob Marley and listened to lots of his songs including: Three Little Birds, One Love, No Woman No Cry, Iron Lion Zion and the protest song Buffalo Soldier. We all got to join in with call and response and some of us played percussion instruments. At the end a few of us even did limbo dancing! We all enjoyed it and clapped and moved to the ‘off beat’!