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Northern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Northern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Friday 22nd March

Neurodiversity Week

We have been learning about Neurodiversity this week and celebrating the fact that we are all different. We have learnt about ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia/DCD (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder).


We learnt that people who have these differences can find some things tricky and be really good at other things. We discussed that we should encourage our friends when they are finding things tricky. We should congratulate each other when we do well. Most of all, we decided that we have the power to make a positive difference to some one else’s day by being kind.

Thursday 7th March
World Book Day
The children all looked amazing today in their wonderful costumes! They had a great day and took part in several World book Day activities.
They participated in a live Zoom event called the World Book Day Footy and Booky Quiz which had some special football and author guests.
In the afternoon, they were invited to a Book Tasting by the year 5s. The classroom was all set out with checkered table cloths and a different genre of books on each table. The children rotated round the tables with the year 5s and enjoyed sampling the different genres. At the end they were even given a cake to take away with them!
Later in the day, the children shared a book they had bought from home with their friends and talked about why they liked it.
The children had plenty of time for informal book talk during the day and went home with lots of ideas about what they might like to read next.
Have a look at the photos to see the amazing costumes!
Thursday 29th February
Poetry Thursdays! - Joseph Coelho
As part of our Reading for Pleasure and informal book talk, we are going to be spending some time every Thursday focusing on poetry. Today, we listened to some poems written and read aloud by poet Joseph Coelho.
The children really enjoyed listening to the poems and chatting with their friends about what they liked and didn't, similarities and differences, rhyme, rhythm...whatever they noticed.
One of the children's favourite poems was If All The World Were Paper. The children loved the idea from the poem that if things went wrong they could be rubbed out, or torn up and good things could be protected. 
We are looking forward to learning some more about Joseph Coelho and his poems over the next few weeks.

Mental Health Week - Gateshead Libraries – My Voice Matters


On Thursday, we had a visit from the Children and Young People’s Team at Gateshead Libraries. Maria and Joanne were amazing! This is what the children had to say about it:

Wilf and Charlie: We had a visit from Maria and Joanne at Gateshead Libraries.

Lana: They read us a book called Whisper, Shout, Let it out!

George: We used our voices in different ways.

Alice: Loud, quiet, low, high and funny voices.

Darcy: Then we read some pages from The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.

Finlay: We each made a paper chain.

Pen: We wrote about KINDNESS to other people and to ourselves.

Oscar: Then we wrote about BRAVERY and thought of a time that we had been brave.

Thomas: Lastly, we wrote about a place we felt safe. Our HAPPY PLACE.

Daisy: We learnt so much and had great fun!


The children were so engaged and came up with some wonderful ideas which showed super understanding of the key points. They learnt not only about kindness to others, but how we can all be kind to ourselves. They remembered a time when they had been brave and realised that if they’d been brave once, they could be brave again. They also thought about a place where they felt safe and happy and realised that they could think of that place if they were feeling scared or unhappy. All the children came away with some great tools to help their mental wellbeing.

It was a wonderful morning! Thank you so much to Maria and Joanne!

Thursday 1st Feb
Blazing the Trail - Equality - Dance Festival Front Cover Design
Blazing The Trail is the Gateshead School Sport Partnership's Olympic Legacy Programme. It was launched in 2012 after the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Our school is completing different projects to be awarded the 7 different Olympic and Paralympic Values which are: equality, excellence, inspiration, courage, respect, determination and friendship.

The project that Year 3 have completed this week is linked with Equality. The children learnt that this means “Ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.” They really understood this concept and had some wonderful discussions and ideas.

The year 3 children were tasked with designing a front cover for the 2024 Gateshead Schools Dance Festival programme. The Olympic/Paralympic value of equality had to be included in the design. Many schools in Gateshead will be entering this competition.

The children put a huge amount of effort into designing their front covers. Have a look at a selection of their amazing work.

The winning entry will become the front cover of the Gateshead Schools Dance Festival 2024 Programme which will be given to all attendees at the dance festival! The pupil who creates the winning design will be invited to the annual Gateshead School Sport Awards to showcase their design and win an award! We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that maybe one of our designs will be chosen.

Even if you are not chosen, you have all done a fantastic job and should be very proud of yourselves. Well done Northern Europe!
Friday 26th January
What a busy week it's been! 
Clever Never Goes
We have been teaching the children about 'Clever Never Goes' to keep them safe. They have learnt that they should never go anywhere with someone they don't know or even with someone they do know, unless their parent or carer has told them to. Clever Never Goes! They also learnt that this applies to people they meet online. The children were very mature in discussing different scenarios and choosing whether the character should go, think about it, or not go and were able to explain why.
Sculpture - Andy Goldsworthy - Environmental Art
We had a lovely time on Thursday afternoon creating environmental, or land art, in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. I was blown away by what the children created and they were completely engrossed in the activity. I think that the floor needed an extra hoover that night as there were bits of twigs and leaves everywhere! Have a look at our amazing artwork!
Singing - I the Lord of Sea and Sky
Miss Armstrong popped in to our room this afternoon when she heard the lovely singing wafting down the corridor! The children sounded amazing. It brought a tear to my eye!
Friday 19th January
Last week in computing we talked about e-safety and how to ZIP IT (not give away any personal information online), BLOCK IT (If anyone sends you a nasty message, block them and tell a trusted grown up) and FLAG IT (tell a trusted grown up if something online worries you or if someone asks to meet you in real life). The children really participated well in discussing their online safety and made a paper chain with zip it, block it and flag it on which they took home to share with their parents.
Our topic in computing this half term is Programming - Making My Kodu Move. In this unit we will be learning how to create an algorithm and program a character to move, creating terrain, adding objects that our character can interact with and creating a simple game. Today we started to program our Kodu and alter the terrain. The children loved it and are looking forward to more programming next week. 
Monday 8th January 

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Welcome Back!  

It’s been so lovely seeing our friends after the holidays and finding out what presents everyone got for Christmas. In addition to this, it has been so lovely for Miss Rochester to spend time with the children and get to know them better; they’ve all been superstars this week.  

To begin our week, we took part in the first session for our ‘Healthy Minds Project’. This project will be happening over the next three weeks and allows us opportunities to relax, be mindful and to learn techniques to keep our body and mind calm.  

During the session, we talked about the word ‘CLEAN’ and what it stands for. ‘C’ stands for ‘Connect’; for this we created a class Mandala with our bodies by connecting our hands and formed circles. The ‘L’ stands for ‘Learn’, we learnt how to do a yoga tree pose. ‘E’ stands for ‘Exercise’; we got our hearts racing by doing a short high-intensity workout. ‘A’ stands for ‘Acts of Kindness’, we wrote something kind on a piece of paper and passed it on to a friend in our class – the messages were so thoughtful. Finally, the ‘N’ stands for ‘Notice’, for this activity we stopped and noticed our breathing and how it felt in our body. 

We had such good fun and can’t wait for our next session. Take a look at the photos of us in action below!