Emmaville Primary School

Scotland Year 1

Welcome to the Scotland Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Thursday 23rd May

Throughout this term we have been focusing on the master technique of printing. We have linked this learning with the aboriginal people of Australia.

We have looked at how we might create the printing techniques similar to the art work we have studied.

Every week we have been using aboriginal art as a stimulus for learning. We have use different things to print with: fruit, leaves, sticks, cotton buds and our fingers. The children have practiced this technique.

As you will see from the photo below the children worked together this week to create a class picture. We are proudly displaying it in our classroom.

Friday 17th May

In Scotland class we are always reading! We love to be able to have a good look at a book.

This week, we have been sharing some of our favourite books with our friends. It is always lovely to heat the ‘book chats’ that go on between the children.

A particular favourite book is the ‘Starry Bear’ book that contains pictures of the children when they were in Reception class. It is falling apart it has been read so much!

The children read a wide range of books - poetry, fiction and non-fiction. They are always very keen to share a fact that they have learnt or tell about a world record that has been set in the Guinness Book of Records.

As part of our quest to become more amazing readers the children have been practicing their phonic skills as well. Every day we complete various phonic based activities. This week we have been using our laminate sheets to spot the ‘Fred sounds’ in real and alien words.

Friday 10th May

On Wednesday 8th May, we had an exciting afternoon at Thorp Academy. We were invited to take part in a multi skills event.

The field was packed with lots of other Year One children.

Scotland class took part in throwing, running, balancing and catching events. They rotated around the field to the different carousel of events. They had a thoroughly brilliant time!

I imagine that everyone slept very well that night – I know the teachers did!

Here are some of the things that the children wanted to say about the afternoon. Also, some children completed their homework to write a recount of the event. These are included in the accompanying photos.

We had so much fun!    Bobby

I liked when we jumped over the hurdles.    AJ

I liked to do everything.    Jack

I liked doing everything.    Zac

It was amazing.    Lily

My favourite station was we when had to jump over the hurdles.    Em-J

I loved the bit when we tried to put balls in the hoops.    Ethan

Friday 3rd May

This week in science, the children were looking at different types of deciduous and evergreen trees. We had to learn about what these scientific words meant and then we looked at the different features that these tree leaves might have.

After this, we went on a tree hunt around the local park and identified lots of different trees such as oak, sycamore, silver birch and beech. The children collected various fallen leaves from each tree. There were some leaves that we could not identify at the park so we had to bring them back to school to look them up using the internet.

We talked about what types of trees we could see in our local environment and which was the most common. We found out that the most popular were hawthorn and sycamore trees.

The children were all inspired and are going to look for lots more trees on their way to and from school.

Friday 26th April

We had a fantastic time on Thursday visiting the newly refurbished Crawcrook library.

The children are always so keen to go and listen to Kyle read them a lovely story before they complete a story based ‘treasure’ hunt.

The children listened to the story Elmer – one of their favourites – and then were surprised to hear that Elmer is 35 years old this year!

After that they worked in pairs to look around the library to find pictures that had a letter on. Then they had to put all of these letters in order to find a word – which they all managed perfectly!

Finally, they were able to choose some of the books to look at in the children’s book area.

A fantastic time was had by all – the new look library certainly got a thumbs up from us and we’ll be back to visit soon!

Friday 19th April

Wow – what a great first week back. Everyone is back and ready and raring for the Summer term.

We started off the week with a visit from the amazing Gateshead School’s Music Workshop team.

This term the theme was Samba – a music genre that originated in Brazil.

All of the children took part in learning how to clap and dance to the ‘samba’ rhythms. We had to listen carefully to all of the different instruments and how they sounded when they were being played.

Then it was our turn to have a go! All of the children were split into different teams and had to follow a conductor who told us what our rhythm was and when we had to clap it. It got very complicated! But, in true Scotland style we used our ‘growth mindset’ and were successful.

As you will see from the accompanying photos the children had a great time with the different instruments. They learned the names of them as they played them: