Emmaville Primary School

Southern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Southern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 22nd March 2024 
Primary Enterprise Workshop
This week we were very lucky to have the Primary Enterprise Project come in to work with us. We learnt all about "neighbourhood life" and thought carefully about what we find in our neighbourhood that makes it so great. We put our Maths skills to the test, as we had to build our own house on a budget, thinking carefully about the materials we needed and how much we needed to buy. We were also introduced to some interesting job roles and thought about all the different people that it takes to build a house. 
In the afternoon, we were able to get creative and design our very own menu item for a cafe in order to bring it more business. We designed smoothies, cakes, sandwiches, ice creams and donuts. Then, we presented our designs to the class and voted democratically for the best one to join the menu! I was so impressed again at the fact that everyone had a go at presenting and tried their best, even though speaking in front of all of our friends can be very daunting! 
Our visitors were so impressed with our attitudes to learning and our enthusiasm throughout the day. Well done everyone! 
Friday 8th March 2024 
World Book Day
Wow! We all had such an exciting day yesterday celebrating World Book Day! I absolutely loved seeing all of our amazing costumes and how excited the children were to share their favourite books and talk about all things reading! We took part in a 'Footy and Booky Quiz' where we were greeted and quizzed by some special guests. We had a great time buddying up with Year 5 in our Book Tasting session where we got to try a range of books with the challenge of trying something we wouldn't usually choose to read. And finally, I was amazed at how passionate the children were in sharing their favourite stories in our book talk session. 
I hope you love seeing how the children dressed up and can pick out some well-loved characters amongst them! Have a great weekend. 
Friday 1st March 2024 
Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic half-term break and feel relaxed. We have had such a great start to our half term in Southern Europe. 
In Science this week we started a new topic on rocks, which some of our children were very excited about. We talked about the four layers that make up the Earth; the inner core, outer core, the mantle and the crust. Then, we looked at different types of rocks and organized them using classification. We used words like smooth, crumbly and rough to sort the rocks we had into categories. Some children were able to find different ways to organize the rocks - by size. 
This afternoon in Computing, we had an interesting discussion about how the World Wide Web and the internet are different things. It was a little confusing, but the children did such a fantastic job at maintaining their concentration and trying their best. 
In PE, we have just started athletics and this week we focused on sprinting. We had some fun trying to sprint with our legs straight and talked about how that affected our ability and speed. Towards the end of the session, we took part in some class races and it was great to see the children cheering each other on and the amount of determination on their faces to win!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Miss Moffitt  

Friday 9th February 2024

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This week we had some visitors come in to see us from Gateshead Library to talk all about children’s mental health and what it means to be kind to ourselves. We listened to some wonderful stories about using our voices; we were able to sing, shout and get very loud! We also listened to The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, which is a gorgeous book with lots of wonderful illustrations. We got to spend some time thinking about how to be kind to ourselves and where our happy place is. The children came up with a lot of brilliant ideas on how to be kind to ourselves such as, taking a bath, spend time reading a book, playing with friends and making sure we get plenty of sleep!

The children had a lot of fun and it was so wonderful seeing them so engaged and willing to share all of their fabulous ideas.

Friday 2nd February 2024 
Invention Week
I feel like there is so much to celebrate this week! We have had so much fun learning and performing our poems for the poetry performance competition. It is going to be so hard to choose a winner! 
We loved sharing our invention stories that we wrote on Monday and Tuesday this week. We were given an image of a tiny castle and the children had the freedom to create their own story. It's so amazing how different all of their stories are and we loved listening to some as a class. Miss Armstrong was also blown away when she popped in to our class and listened to a few! I have attached some to our class page for you to read. I hope you are as impressed  as I am!
Friday 26th January 2024 
This week in our Science lesson we learnt all about gravity. We watched some really interesting videos showing Tim Peake in a space shuttle playing ping pong with a water bubble because there was no gravity. We also watched a group of astronauts do a group backflip in zero gravity, which we found very entertaining. After that, we were able to investigate how gravity works here on Earth; investigating how the height a ball is dropped from affects how high the ball bounces. 
I would like to give the children in Southern Europe special recognition this week for their work in Geography. Their teamwork and kindness towards each other really blew me away on Thursday, it was so amazing to see everyone helping each other in our Geography task. Well done! 
Friday 12th January 2023 
Happy New Year!
Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a restful holiday. 
We have had a brilliant first week back in Southern Europe! In Science, we started a new topic all about forces and magnets where we were able to investigate pushes and pulls and we began to draw a scientific model using force arrows. 
This afternoon in French, we have been learning our French verbs and how to spell them. The children had to use their listening skills to hear which verb was being spoken out loud and then they had to spell it correctly on their whiteboards. I was so impressed with how well we did!