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Welcome to the Gateshead Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 17th May
This week, we completed our final week in English on "Supertato" and I have been blown away by the writing the children in Gateshead class have produced!
The children were extremely amused to see Evil Pea had been sneaking around our classroom and they wrote some super short phrases using CVC words describing Evil Pea's location.
In addition to this, we received a letter from Evil Pea and we all had a go at writing a letter back to Evil Pea. With some support, the children did a fantastic job of writing back to Evil Pea and they are even starting to use full stops and finger spaces in their writing too!
Writing can sometimes be a little bit tricky, but I am so proud of how all the children in Gateshead class used their growth mindsets to write super phrases and sentences this week.
Thursday 9th May
In our mastering number sessions at the beginning of our maths lessons we have been practicing doubles. Each day the children have got better and better identifying doubles and using their fingers to show doubles. We had lots of fun in one of mastering number sessions this week when the children worked in pairs and took turns to roll the dice. The children were trying to roll a double (e.g. double 3 or double 6 etc) and had to explain to their partners if it was a double or if it wasn't a double. The children were able to subitise and explain whether they had a double or not! The children really enjoyed the activity.
Friday 3rd May
This week all our English lessons have been based around the story “Super-tato” by Sue Hendra, the children are absolutely loving the story! On Wednesday, we learned a shorter version of Super-tato using our story map and adding actions too. The children were AMAZING at retelling the story of Super-tato, Mrs Richter and myself were so impressed.
Friday 26th April
This morning the children completed two rotation jobs, both about life cycles. The children learned about the life cycle of a frog with Mrs Richter and completed some wonderful life cycle lily pads. The children also loved looking at the tadpoles we had in school.
With Miss Kenyon, the children learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched a great video of the cycle, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, looked at some real caterpillars and completed some beautiful butterfly artwork.
We had a super morning and the children were fascinated by the work we did on life cycles. Take a look at the great video that shows the life cycle of the butterfly!
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Friday 19th April
As part of our Friday morning rotation, the children spent one of the sessions with myself learning about Mary Anning. The children listened incredibly carefully as I read some facts about Mary Anning and the fossils she discovered in Lyme Regis.
After hearing about Mary Anning and her discoveries, the children had some fun making their own "fossils" using playdough, plastic dinosaurs and shells. The children made some wonderful looking fossils and loved seeing the impressions they could make using the dinosaurs and shells.
Once we had had lots of fun making fossils, we gathered back together to complete a short quiz on Mary Anning. Amazingly, all four key worker groups got all the questions correct about Mary Anning! I was EXTREMELY impressed! 
Well done to all the children in Reception class, you are all superstars!