Emmaville Primary School

Scotland Year 1

Welcome to the Scotland Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 21st July
Oh my goodness! where has the year gone? I can't believe that we are already at the end of the year and it's time for the Summer holidays.
What an amazing year we have had in Scotland class. It seems such a long time ago that I met these lovely little people. 
As you will see from the photos we have had some incredible times together - so many opportunities and so much fun!
I want to say a massive thank you to all of the children in Scotland and all of their grown ups who have made this year so much fun. It has been a great year. I wish you all an amazing Summer!
Friday 14th July
We have had a lovely time this week in Scotland class. We have been learning all about Mindfulness.
Our week started really well with a lovely session led by Emma who taught us lots of ways that we could relax. 
Our assembly this week focused on Kevin the Koala who was scared of trying new things. It really made us think about how we feel when we are faced with challenges - luckily in Scotland class we have great 'growth mindset' which helps us to keep going even when things get tough!
At the end of our week we took part in one of Emmaville's favourite things - the Rainbow Fun Run! As you will see from the photographs the children loved every minute of the run run. They supported each other really well. They cheered for children in other classes to give them a boost as they were running along. I do think that one of the favourite things about the fun run was the ice-lolly after they finish!
Only one more week until the Summer is here - cant wait to see what the next week brings!
Thursday 6th July
We have had such a busy active week in Scotland class. On Tuesday, we took part in an amazingly successful Sports Day.
All of the children were able to compete in lots of different events to gain points for their house teams. The school houses are Tyne, Sage, Baltic and Angel. 
Everyone had a big coloured sticker to show which house they belonged to. The children in Scotland were so excited! They couldn't wait to get out and start! 
Of all of the races that the children took part in, the favourites were the egg and spoon and throwing the vortex howlers. Some of the children didn't even drop the egg once!
It was great to see the happy smiles on their faces as they worked their way around to the different stations.
Team Tyne won the Key Stage One event overall. Our points will be added to the scores for Key Stage Two and a school winner will be announced soon!
I also want to mention how brilliantly Scotland class take part in the Travel Tracker programme in school. Every morning the children register how they have arrived at school. If they did this is an active way they earn points so that they can earn a badge at the end of the month. We are a Gold class for tracking our progress and we have earned a badge every month this year! We are hopeful that our last badge will be awarded soon for July.
Friday 30th June
This week in our Design and Technology lesson, we continued our work to learn all about different fruits and vegetables. We were following on from our lesson last week, which when we got to taste and touch lots of different fruits and vegetables to think about what they might be like if we put them in a smoothie.
We decided this week, by class vote, to make a smoothie that used strawberries, mango and grapes. We also used some orange juice so that is wasn't too thick.
The children used the 'claw grip' when they were cutting their fruit so that they kept their fingers out of harms way. This grip keeps the fingertips tucked under so they can't get cut by the knife. (We were using a safety knife!)
With great excitement the fruit was cut and put into the blender. After a quick whizz...the smoothie was ready.
There were mixed comments - some thought it was delicious and wanted more and some thought it was really sour! But everyone agreed that making smoothies was lots of fun!
Friday 23rd June
What a great week we have had in Scotland.
We've tasted a range of fruit and vegetables as part of our Design and Technology work. The children also learned how to use the safety knives when fruit and vegetable are cut. They know all about a special technique called the 'claw grip.' Next week we will be designing our own smoothie to make based on our tasting from this week. We are so looking forward to some yummy smoothies!
The highlight of our week though, was going to to the Tyne Theatre to watch a performance of Zog. 
We have been using this text this last half term as part of our Talk for Writing work in English lessons. The children were so excited to go to the theatre - especially when they saw our mode of transport was a double decker bus!
The performance was excellent! The children laughed and laughed at the silliness of Sir Gadabout and really enjoyed the different activities that the dragon got to do. The bus drive back to school was full of excited talk about what they had seen.
A great week Scotland! 

Friday 16th June 2023

On Wednesday, we went to a multi-skills festival at Newcastle. After registration, the children got on the bus which took us to the event! They were all really happy and excited for the morning ahead. When we got there, we did 6 different activities. We practiced football, throwing bean bags into hoops, hockey, throwing the howlers, balancing a tennis ball and playing basketball. The children really enjoyed the morning. To finish, the children were allowed to play with the footballs until it was time to get the bus back to school. We had a brilliant time!

Here are a few things the children enjoyed:

“I enjoyed it at the end when we were playing with the footballs.”- Erin

“I enjoyed throwing the howlers” – Matty

“I enjoyed balancing the ball on the tennis racket” – Macy

“I liked all of it” – Miley

“I loved how we learnt different skills” – Charlotte

“I enjoyed doing the hockey” – Kaitlyn

“It was fun when we kicked the football round the cones and in the goal” – Arthur


Here are a few words the children used to describe the morning:

“Amazing” – Jack E

“Brilliant” – Billy and Ella

“Lovely” – Liv

“Brill” – Alfie

“Fantastic” – Tori

“Spectacular” – Kaitlyn

Friday 9th June

This week the children have started tag rugby within PE with an external sports coach. The children were very excited about this when I told them the good news this morning! On Thursday’s lesson, we focussed on playing different team games which required the children to practice their throwing and catching skills. The children were really enthusiastic about each different game and showed good sportsmanship throughout. Some of the games involved using a rugby ball to play pass the egg and stuck in the mud. At the end of the lesson, children were introduced to the idea of tag rugby and worked on their own to try and steal each other’s tags. The children really enjoyed this part of the lesson and were eager to continue this sequence of lessons next week!

Thursday 25th May

On Tuesday, the children had a writing workshop with the author Adam Bushnell. The workshop focused on dragons which linked to the class text we are focusing on at the moment: Zog. The children started off the day by drawing their very own dragon! The sketches the children produced were amazing! After, the children then wrote some descriptions on the different features their dragon had! We then turned these descriptive sentences into poems and added sound effects to make it sound realistic! To finish off the morning, the children then used a black felt tip to outline their dragon and then used oil pastels to add colour. We had an amazing morning!

Here are a few things the children said that they enjoyed the most about our morning with Adam:

“I enjoyed having Adam in for the day” – Rosa

“I enjoyed colouring with oil pastels”- Charlie

“I liked it when we were doing the dragons and outlining with the felt tips” – Erin and Macy

“I liked colouring in” – Jake

“I liked everything” – Matty

“I liked drawing the dragons”- Charlotte

“My mammy was really proud of my dragon” – Billy

“I liked the light up book” – Maisie

Here are a few words the children used to describe our morning:

“Good”- Jack E

“Fabulous” – Tori

“Great” – Freddie

“Excellent” – Leo

“Amazing” – Heidi

Friday 19th May

This week in Science, the children were looking at different types of deciduous and evergreen trees. At the start of this half term, the children planted there very own green bean and over the past 6 weeks we have been observing the changes our class plants have made. The children were fascinated by how much their plants had grown!

After this, the children went on a tree hunt around the local park and identified lots of different trees such as oak, sycamore, silver birch and beech. The children collected various leaves from each tree. We came back to class after this and the children discussed their findings. Here are a few things the children said they enjoyed the most from the lesson:

“I liked picking up the different leaves”- Arthur

“I liked going to the park and seeing so many different trees”- Liv

“I liked seeing the big trees”- Billy

“I liked seeing the different colours on the trees”- Lilli

“I liked all of the tall trees”- Jessica

“I liked looking for different kinds of trees and leaves”- Alfie 

Friday 12th May

On Thursday morning, the children visited the local library. The children were very excited about the visit. When we got there, the children looked at a story called “Daddy’s Sandwich.” The children joined in with the different words in the story and were very enthusiastic. After that, the children had to search the library for different items found in Daddy’s Sandwich. Next, the children gathered on the carpet and assembled Daddy’s Sandwich. It was enormous! The children finished the morning by reading lots of books in the library. We had lots of fun!

Here are a few things the children enjoyed from our visit:

“I really enjoyed the book that I chose to read, it was lovely” – Heidi

“I liked the Minecraft books” – Matty

“I liked when we found the things to go in Daddy’s Sandwich” – Alfie

“I liked the football chapter books” – Teddy

“I liked the snow-white book. It was quite interesting” – Macy

“I enjoyed looking at the different books”- Miley

“I enjoyed reading the books at the end”- George

“The story we read was amazing”- Olivia

Friday 5th May

On Friday, we celebrated the King’s coronation. The children designed their own flags as well as drawing a portrait of King Charles. We learnt lots of facts about the coronation, including why it is such a significant event and what a coronation actually is. We played coronation bingo as well as making coronation bookmarks which we all really enjoyed!

The children had a tea party picnic at lunch time which allowed us to all celebrate together! We also had a special visit from the ice cream van where the children were all given a delicious ice cream!

Here are a few things that the children said they enjoyed the most:

“I enjoyed making the flags. “– Arthur

“I enjoyed the little lunch we had. It was yummy. “– Kaitlyn

“I liked that in phonics we wrote stuff about the coronation. “– Maisie

“I liked it when we learnt about King Charles coronation. “- Harry

I asked the children for one word to sum up today:

“Brill!” – Billy

“Lovely!” – Tori

“Amazing!”- Miley

“Fantastic!” – Freddie

“Happy!” – Jessica

“Cool!” – Charlie

We decided that the winner of the flag competition would be Billy. The children drew lots of amazing pictures it was hard to choose just one winner. Here is a picture of the winning flag and the prize Billy won.

Friday 28th April 

We have had an amazing week this week in Scotland. Children have learnt all about William Shakespeare as well as exploring the different changes in our class plant. The children were fascinated!  

This term we are looking at printing within art.  

Last week, the children used fruit and vegetables to make different prints and patterns within their books. This week we built upon this and the children made their own patterns using stencils that they had made.  

As a class, we discussed how we can make different prints by repeating and overlapping different shapes. To build upon this, children then made their own stamps and created different patterns in their books. The results were brilliant! The children were able to make all different kinds of new patterns using different shapes and colours. 

Friday 21st April

We have a fantastic start to our Summer term. The children all came back after the Easter holidays excited to be back and telling tales of all the things they had done over the break – mostly involving eating lots of Easter Eggs!

This term we will be studying plants in our Science lessons.

At the start of our series of lessons we began to think about what a ‘wild’ plant was. The children were able to talk about this with their work partner and were able to name quite a lot of plants and flowers that they had seen in their gardens or on their way to school.

As a class, we talked about what a plant might need to grow successfully. The children came up with lots of good answers. We then planted our own seed to see what might happen to it over the next few weeks.

We worked with our work partners to think about what sort of ‘wild’ plants we might find in our school environment. We then went on a walk around the school grounds searching for the plants on our tally chart.

We found lots and lots of daisies, dandelions and clovers – but not many dog roses or ivy. We also found some nettles but were very careful not to go to close to them!

We are really looking forward to seeing how our seeds grow over the next few weeks.