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Northern Ireland Year 2

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Thursday 23rd March


We’ve absolutely loved having an Enterprise and Business enrichment week! In English, the children designed their own homes and then wrote persuasively about why their home is the BEST on the market! The children were incredibly persuasive and they all made their homes sound incredibly appealing.


On Monday afternoon, we began our “Trash to Treasure” challenge were the children were tasked with designing and creating an eco- friendly toy for Hamley’s Toy Store. On Monday, the children began by thought showering their ideas and then eventually moved onto drawing their final design for their toys. The children listed the materials and equipment they would need to make their toys.


Later in the week, the children were given an afternoon to make their toys! The children were incredibly excited to bring their designs to life and work with their team mates to create the eco- friendly toys. We had such a wonderful afternoon creating the toys! I was extremely impressed with how well the children worked together; they listened to one another, supported each other and worked collaboratively to create a wonderful toy.


Take a look at the amazing toys the children in Northern Ireland class created out of recycled materials! We had robots, penguins, cars, trains, hoovers, animals and more!

Monday 6th March
This morning we began our first football coaching session with shay from NUFC. The children were incredibly excited to start the sessions as so many children in class are passionate about football!
We began by warming up with a very energetic game of stuck in the mud. The children worked brilliantly as a team and worked hard to free one another when their team mates were "stuck in the mud". We then played a game using cones, which the children absolutely LOVED! Shay would say; head, shoulders, knees, toes or cone. When Shay would say "cone" the children would have to reach for the cone before their partner. The children really made the children listen carefully and it got very competitive. It is definitely a game we will play again in school!
After that, the children developed the skill of dribbling with the ball with their foot, for some children this was something they hadn't done before. Shay reminded the children to use the outside of their foot and to use small gentle touches to control the ball. The children were amazing! Their control of the ball and ability to stop the ball when told to do so impressed both Shay and I.
We had a brilliant morning and we are all looking forward to the training session next week. Shay ended the session by saying how impressed he was with Norther Ireland classes listening skills, attitude and ability. I felt incredibly proud of all the children in the class, well done everybody!

Friday 3rd March

 We’ve had a wonderful start to the half term and enjoyed celebrating our love of reading and books! The children in Northern Ireland class thoroughly enjoyed their story stick session on Wednesday afternoon where they worked with a grown up who is close to them to create a story stick. A story stick is simply a stick that has prompts attached to it from a story and it can be used to help retell a story. The children absolutely loved making their story sticks and they all did a wonderful job; the children were keen to retell their stories using their story sticks to their families at home!


On Thursday afternoon, we celebrated World Book Day. The children came dressed as their favourite character from a book and we began writing our class story. Although we haven’t yet finished writing our story, the children absolutely loved being creative and imaginative. It was a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively, generate powerful language and create an interesting plot. The title of our story is “The Adventures of Red the Fox”, keep a close eye on our class page as I will be posting snippets from our story in the next few weeks!

Thursday 16th February

This afternoon we finished our topic of “food” in Design Technology by making our healthy wraps. In the previous lesson, the children designed their own healthy wrap recipe that included 1 source of protein, one fruit or vegetable and one dairy/ dairy alternative. Today, the children started by discussing what we needed to do before we started making our wraps. They ensured that they had washed their hands, rolled up their sleeves and we cleaned the surfaces carefully. Then, the children used their design construct their wraps; using a knife carefully to prepare their ingredients.

The children loved making their healthy wraps and they loved eating their wraps even more! We had a great lesson and the children were all keen to do more cooking at school and at home.

Wednesday 8th February

Bonjour from Northern Ireland class! We’ve had a wonderful morning learning about the city of romance, Paris, with Mrs Cornforth. The lesson began with Mrs Cornforth reading a wonderful story called “A Lion in Paris” in French and Miss Kenyon read the story alongside in English. The children were absolutely transfixed listening to Mrs Cornforth read in French, and the children were amazed that some French words sounded the same/ very similar to some English words.

After the story, the children learned about some of Paris’ most iconic landmarks including; The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre. The children in Northern Ireland class were amazed to hear that around 17,000 people visit The Louvre every single day and could not believe that there was a glass floor in The Eiffel Tower.

We ended our Parisian morning with some French delicacies; brie and crepes! Most children were quite apprehensive about trying the brie, however they were all very keen to try the homemade crepes! Myself and the children learned a lot about Paris and it’s definitely somewhere we all want to visit after our lesson. A big thank you to the lovely Mrs Cornforth for making the delicious crepes and teaching us so much about Paris!

Friday 3rd February

We’ve had another busy and exciting week in Northern Ireland class! This morning we had a wonderful workshop with Hannah from the Big Foot Theatre Company, who reminded us about the importance of internet safety. In the workshop, we had to help Boo the bunny rabbit stay safe online. Some of the things we reminded Boo to do were;

1)     Always ask an adult before going online

2)     Always tell an adult if you are worried about something you’ve heard or seen online

3)     Don’t share information about yourself online

4)     Limit your time online

The children came up with amazing suggestions for Boo in order to keep himself safe online and it was clear to see that the children had a great understanding of how to stay safe on the internet. There are some wonderful stories about staying safe online and we will be reading these leading up to Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February.

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Here is one of the stories we read in class "Chicken Clicking" in preparation for Safer Internet Day.

Friday 27th January


We’ve had another great week in Northern Ireland class this week! The children have been working incredibly hard across the curriculum but, I have been particularly impressed with the stories they have produced in English. The children in Northern Ireland class have been learning about “Rags to Riches” tales. We began by learning the tale of Dick Whittington and practiced retelling the story confidently using our story map and actions. Then, we innovated the story of Dick Whittington, using the same structure of a “Rags to Riches” tale but changing key details. After the children planned their stories using a story map, they spent three lessons writing their stories using their story maps. The children worked incredibly conscientiously in all three lessons; using amazing vocabulary, remembering correct punctuation and capital letters. I’m extremely proud of all the children in Northern Ireland class for the effort they put into writing their superb stories.


One of the reasons I believe the children in Northern Ireland class are such imaginative and creative writers is due to their love of stories.  This morning they had a treat… The children had the opportunity to explore a range of brand-new books from a variety of authors! These books have been given to us by Miss Armstrong, and the children will be taking one book home a week to enjoy reading with a grown up. The children LOVED reading the books and looking at the amazing variety of illustrations. The children are eager to each take a book home and read it! I’m sure that the children will get great pleasure reading these wonderful books and the books will inspire their future writing.

Friday 20th January
At the end of this week, I asked the children what they had enjoyed the most at school this week. The children agreed that the highlight of their week was Design Technology were they enjoyed taste testing a variety of foods! In DT this half term, we are learning about food and the children will be tasked with planning and then making their own healthy wrap. 
Last week, the children learned about the different food groups; carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and dairy alternatives, fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars and oils and spreads. The children were amazing at sorting different foods into the correct food groups!
This Wednesday afternoon, the children tasted a variety of different foods. They tried hummus, pita bread, red and yellow peppers, mango and cheese. It was wonderful to see the children taste foods they had never had before and it was great to see some of the children enjoy these new foods. After the taste testing, we then looked at different packaging of products. The children learned about how companies package their products to look appealing. They rated some different companies packaging out of 10; the Coco Pops packaging was their favourite as they liked the bright colours, the monkey character and the picture of the cereal.
It was a great afternoon and the children are looking forward to continuing the topic of food in DT.
Friday 13th January
It has been a pleasure to teach Northern Ireland class this week. They have been absolute super stars and swung straight back into the school routine. We've enjoyed dancing in P.E, outdoor painting in Forest School, learned about different food groups in Design Technology and learned about the Scottish Highlands in Geography.
The children in Northern Ireland class have worked extremely hard across the curriculum this week and have shown kindness and patience to one another. A great start to the New Year, well done to all the children in Northern Ireland class!