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Northern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Northern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Rainbow Run
The children loved taking part in the Rainbow Run this week! They were all in good spirits and were determined to go the whole way! It was so lovely to see how excited they were when the crossed the finish line!
After, they all sat on the grass and enjoyed an ice lolly and their success!
They then supported Year 4 whilst they were taking part in the run. They were so supportive and cheered them on the whole way! :) Mrs Graham. 
Thursday 6th July 2023
Marble jar afternoon
Northern Europe, due to their hard work and fantastic behaviour over the past several weeks, filled their class marble jar!
As a reward for this, they enjoyed a movie afternoon. They watched Matilda the Musical and ate popcorn and sweets. They had a wonderful time! This reward was well-deserved and I am very proud of them. 
Well done Northern Europe! :) 

Friday 30th June 2023 


Step-up morning 


We have had another lovely week in Northern Europe!  

On Thursday, we had our Step-Up Morning and the children were taken to their new classroom and met their ‘new’ teacher.  

In September, Northern Europe found out that they will move to the Asia Year 4 classroom.  I was so excited to be able to tell the children that I am going to move up with them and be their Year 4 teacher from September. I was so overwhelmed by the positive response from the children! 

We filled in an ‘All About Me’ sheet which allowed the children to write about all of their favourite things. We also created a ‘Dream Jar’ where the children listed their dreams and wishes for Year 4 and the future.  

I am so happy I am able to continue to teach this wonderful class next year! 

Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Graham 

Friday 23rd June 2023


Poetry Week


This week in English, we have been focusing on poems. This has involved the children learning to recite two short and funny poems by Edward Lear- ‘There Was An Old Man With A Beard’ and ‘There Was A Young Lady Whose Nose’. The children have loved these silly poems and made up actions to help them to recite the poem.

We have also discussed what a rhyme is and looked at how to identify the rhyming scheme of a poem.

The week ended with the children writing their very own rhyming poem about an animal of their choice. Why don’t you ask your child if they can recite theirs to you?

Friday 16th June 2023


Year 3’s Educational Visit to the Discovery Museum


What a fabulous day year 3 had at the Discovery Museum today! It all started with journey on a double decker coach which was very exciting! Those of us on the top deck had some wonderful views of the Tyne.

When we reached the Discovery Museum we were split into our two classes and spent the day doing 4 different activities.

We watched Professor Pumpernickel’s Science Show. He was very funny and had blue hair and a blue beard! He demonstrated some chemical reactions; one made a cloud and another made an explosion! He showed us an optical illusion where he spun a spiral that we watched for a few minutes. When it stopped spinning, it looked as though his head was getting bigger and bigger! The children though this was hilarious! We also learnt about sound waves and saw some flames move in time with a beating drum.

We had fun getting hands-on in the science maze, investigating all sorts of scientific puzzles and activities. Lots of children said they’d like to come back here with their parents!

We had our lunch sitting next to the Turbinia which was apparently once the fastest vessel on the sea!

At the Solids, Liquids and Gases Workshop, we experimented with balloons that were full of air, water and ice. We also made a chemical reaction in a balloon using lemonade that made the balloon inflate all by itself!

With the Laing Art Gallery, we used filter papers, pens and water to create designs on a flower to make a card.

We also came home with a booklet about Science Experiments we can do at home.

Wow! What a day we had! The behaviour was exemplary and this was commented on by museum staff. Well done Year 3! You are all super stars!

Friday 9th June 2023


Perseus and Medusa


This week in English, we have been learning a new ‘defeating a monster’ story called Perseus and Medusa.

We have created a story map and used actions to help us to retell this fascinating story.

We have also spent a lesson using dictionaries to help us to find the definition of words that we were unsure of, such as ruthlessly, brashly, coerced etc. This not only improves our dictionary skills but also helps to expand our vocabulary by being exposed to words that may not normally read. The children can then incorporate these into their writing.

Next week, we will move onto designing a monster and 3 objects that we could use to defeat this monster. This will form the plan that will help us to write our own ‘defeating a monster’ story.

I cannot wait to read everyone’s creations!

Mrs Graham :) 

Thursday 25th May 2023
Design and Technology
Northern Europe had a fantastic time yesterday making a coronation fruit cheesecake in Design and Technology. They followed all of the health and safety rules that we have discussed and put their cutting skills into practice. They worked in groups and followed a recipe to make a a biscuit base and a cheesecake filling. They then cut fruit and used this to design a Union Jack flag on top to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. 
They did a fabulous job and the fruit cheesecake looked amazing! Well done Northern Europe!
I hope you all have a lovely half-term break! :) Mrs Graham. 

Friday 19th May 2023

Library Visit

We had a fabulous time visiting Crawcrook Library today to take part in a workshop. The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed it! They were able to have free time to choose a book and then share with each other why they had chosen that specific one. They then had lots of fun playing some games such as ‘Higher or Lower’ and ‘Play your Cards Right’. One lucky member of our class even won a book!

I was blown away by the enthusiasm the children had for picking a book, sharing it with each other and sitting and reading it. It was heart -warming to see the love that they all have for reading! :) 

Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Graham.

Thursday 11th May 2023

Design and Technology

This term in Design and Technology, the children are going to be making their very own fruit tart, to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

To help us to prepare, this week we have been focusing on health and safety and hygiene in food preparation. We have discussed washing hands before we prepare food, ensuring that our food preparation area is free from clutter and spillages and most importantly, to ensure that an adult is supervising when we are preparing food.

This week, the main skill that we wanted to practise was to cut fruit. After discussing how to do this safely, we then in small groups, cut a variety of fruit. We also tasted the fruit…for educational purposes of course!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s final product! :) Mrs Graham.

Friday 5th May 2023
Coronation Day!
We have all had so much fun today celebrating the upcoming coronation of King Charles III.
We have taken part in lots of fun activities such as making coronation book marks, producing amazing sketches of King Charles III and taking part in a flag competition! We have also enjoyed singing the coronation song 'Our King' and the National Anthem. 
It was so lovely to see how much of an effort everyone had put into their outfits today and how enthusiastic all of the children were to learn about the coronation and King Charles III!
Have a lovely long bank holiday weekend :) Mrs Graham. 

Orienteering at Kings Meadow School

On Wednesday, 20 children from Year 3 attended an Orienteering event at Kings Meadow School. This was a fantastic event which involved the children taking part in a variety of team building and problem solving activities and also completing an orienteering course on the grounds of the school.

The problem solving activities included games such as; ‘Nail drop’ where the children had to try and balance as many nails on top of one nail without any touching the floor. ‘Hoops’- the challenge was for the children to work as a team to try and complete the distance of a course using only hoops and ‘Paper drop’ a game which involved the children trying to catch a piece of paper before it hit the ground but only if their name had been called.

The orienteering course was completed on the grounds of the school and the children had to work as a team to read the map and locate the marked points. Once they had found the correct location, they then had to find a piece of paper with a number and a word and this was noted down. This was a timed event and one of Emmaville’s teams won third place, bringing home some medals- which we were all extremely happy about!

The children showed amazing team work and communication skills and we are so proud of their hard work. It was a wonderful day and we all had lots of fun! :) 

Friday 27th April 2023

Science- Bean Diary

In Science last week, we ‘planted’ beans using only a jar and paper towels. We then watered it and placed it in direct sunlight on the windowsill. Over the coming term, we are going to monitor the beans and their progress and then document the changes in our very own Bean Diary.

This week, we looked closely at the beans to see if there were any changes and we were all very excited to see that there had been! Using our newly learnt vocabulary, we were able to see that the beans have begun to ‘germinate’- ask your children to tell you what this means!

We are all so excited to track the progress of the beans over the coming weeks!

As our new Science topic for the Summer term is ‘Plants’ we are going to be learning lots about the different parts of plants and their functions and how plants grow.

Have a lovely weekend and bank holiday everyone :) Mrs Graham

Friday 21st April 2023

Music Workshop – Reggae

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful music workshop with Gateshead Music Service. It was all about Reggae and Ska music. We learnt about the origins of the music and listened to and joined in with some songs including Kingston Town by UB40 and I Love You (Special Brew) by Bad Manners. We also learnt about Bob Marley and listened to lots of his songs including: Three Little Birds, One Love, No Woman No Cry, Iron Lion Zion and the protest song Buffalo Soldier. We all got to join in with call and response and some of us played percussion instruments. At the end a few of us even did limbo dancing! We all enjoyed it and clapped and moved to the ‘off beat’!