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England Yr 1

Welcome to the England Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 8th April


It has been the most wonderful end to the term this week and we have had an ‘eggcellent’ week full of Easter fun and treats. This week we have sorted animals in Science, went on a Geography local study and map investigation around Crawcrook and wrote some wonderful Spring poems in English.

This week I wanted to share with you all some of the wonderful art and design and technology we have complete in class. We had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday creating some decorated Easter eggs for the competition. The children were so creative in their designs and it was so hard to choose a winner. I have attached all of their eggs below for you to see.

3rd Place – Penelope

2nd Place – Wilf

1st Place – Daisy

Today we took part in a whole school Easter parade outside showcasing our amazing Easter hats, caps and bonnets. It was so lovely to see everyone in their amazing creations and designs and so much time and effort had gone into each of their hats. Again, it was so hard to pick a winner but we decided that the wonderful Darcy had an amazing hat.

I also wanted to share with you all our amazing performance poetry winner Ellie B for her amazing acrostic poem of her name which she performed so well. She made us smile with her fantastic expression and actions. She also wowed the judges and won 2nd place overall for the whole school.   I have left the clip below of her amazing performance.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

Miss McArdle.

Friday 1st April


We have had a brilliant Diversity enrichment week in England class this week. We have explored different languages around the world, how we are similar and different to peers in our class and created a class diversity tree which represented each of us.

In English we have been creating some fantastic acrostic poems all about us using our names. I was wowed when the children got up in front of the class to perform their poems about themselves to one another. Watch this space to see our class winner….

I wanted to also share with you the fantastic treat we had on Thursday Morning. We had a wonderful visitor called Sheila who came into school to teach us some Irish dancing. Sheila explained that dancing was a way that people could connect even though they might be different and we absolutely loved working together to create a little piece. I am sure you will be shocked and amazed that the children learned the full routine in just 30 minutes!

This week we have been learning the wonderful song 'Let love shine through'. I have been amazed and yet again wowed by the children performing the song. I wanted to share it with you all so please see the video below. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ready for our last week of term.

Miss McArdle.

Friday 25th March


It has been a wonderful week in England this week filled with lots of fun learning outdoors given the gorgeous sunshine we have had. The children have loved making birds nests as part of our DT lessons, completing some geography fieldwork on our school and learning the green cross code as part of our healthy me unit in PSHE.


This week I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic work the boys and girls have been doing in Maths. We have been exploring weight and volume as our unit over the past few weeks and this week we explored further volume and capacity. We firstly explored volume and compared the volume of different containers by describing whether they were full, nearly full, empty or nearly empty. We also were able to say which had the most liquid in and which had the least. On Wednesday we took ourselves outside to have a practical lesson measuring the capacity of different containers using non-standard units of measure. We understood that each unit of measure needed to stay the same so we needed to use the same container when measuring. We had a go at this but quickly realised that we weren’t measuring accurately as we hadn’t made sure that the container was full of liquid each time we poured it into another and counted the number of times it took to fill. Once we began to make sure the containers were full, we became much more confident at measuring the capacity of bigger containers. The thing that made me most proud though of all the boys and girls was their teamwork and resilience. They worked so hard with one another, made sure to take turns and didn’t give up when they found something tricky to measure.

Miss McArdle

Friday 18th March

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe that we are half way through this term already and nearly approaching the Summer term. The children in England class have blown me away this week with their attitude to learning and effort that they have put in to each activity. We have created innovated stories, learnt all about Mother Theresa and completed some Yoga sessions.

This week I wanted to share the fantastic work that the children have complete in Science. We have been exploring the topic of animals including humans this term. We started off by learning all about the different animal groups that we have and then moved on to exploring how animals can be similar and different. This week we explored the diets that animals have and learnt 3 new key words associated with the diet of an animal. We found out that there are 3 main types of diet when we talk about animals:

Herbivore - an animal that only eats plants.

Carnivore - an animal that only eats meat.

Omnivore - an animal that eats both meat and plants.

After we learnt about the 3 main types of diet, we begun to sort and group the different animals into each diet using a Venn diagram. We were shocked to find out that a goldfish is an omnivore as we didn’t think it would have eaten meat as part of its diet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss McArdle.

Friday 11th March


We have had a wonderful week this week in England class learning lots of new things such as measuring length and height in Maths, learning how to keep our bodies healthy in PSHE and creating some artwork in the style of Matisse.

This week I wanted to share the amazing work we have completed as part of our English and Oracy sessions. We have been learning this week the story of ‘Whatever Next’ and challenged ourselves to learn the story with actions so well that we could re-tell the story to some of the older boys and girls in school. Yesterday, we met with the Year 3 classes and paired up to re-tell the story. We loved showing the Year 3 children what amazing storytellers we are in England class and they complimented all of the children for their fantastic speaking skills.

Keep it up England!

Thursday 3rd March
It have been a wonderful first week back in England class filled with World Book Day delight today.
The children looked absolutely amazing dressed up as characters from their favourite books and it was so lovely to hear them sharing their favourite stories. We started the day off entering Madame McArdle's dragon school along Princess Pearl and Zog. We then had fun creating Wild Things after exploring the book 'Where the Wild Things Are' this week. We completed the mystery of the beetroot burglar in Maths and the children were fantastic detectives at working out that Tommy Brock was the beetroot burglar. After that, we decided to have some wind down time and each of us picked a book and a quiet spot to snuggle into whilst we had 15 minutes of reading. The children absolutely loved this relaxing time and it was so lovely to see them diving straight into their favourite books. It really reminded us how important reading is for giving ourselves some relaxation time and enjoyment. We also created some brand new book cover designs for our favourite books. 
I wanted to share with you all the amazing door cover that the children have designed this week inspired by one of our favourite sharing stories 'Zog'. We now have an amazing set of dragons in our classroom who have been working their socks off all week. 
Keep up the amazing work England class! 

Friday 18th February

Happy Friday everyone! It is the end of the week and an end of another super half-term for England class who have been working their socks off. It has been lovely to see their progress over the year and especially over the past 7 weeks since Christmas. They have wowed me with their super growth mindset in everything that they do.

This week I wanted to share with you the work we have completed in RE as part of our big question of ‘Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? We have been exploring for a number of weeks now what it means to be a good friend and explored the ways Christians believe Jesus was a good friend. As well as this, we have explored times when it might not be easier to show friendship to someone and looked at some of the stories in the Bible where it might have been hard for Jesus to show friendship. After exploring these stories over the past term, we reflected today on the people in our class who are good friends to us and make it easy to be friends with them. We began with a piece of string which we passed to the person we thought was a good friend. This created our web of friendship and it showed what amazing friends we have in England class. Additionally, we discussed how sometimes it is hard to be friends with people and show friendship such as when they hurt our feelings but we reminded ourselves that we should always be a good friend and show forgiveness because people can make mistakes.

Have a lovely half-term everyone filled with lots of fun and adventure!

Miss McArdle

Friday 11th February


We have had an absolutely amazing week in England class this week learning about Queen Elizabeth I in History, exploring online safety on Tuesday as part of our school internet safety day and performing some rolls such as a barrel roll in gymnastics.


Our fantastic week has been topped off today by our lovely well being day that all of school have taken part in. The children absolutely wowed me in their outfits for ‘dressing to express’.  Firstly, we had a yoga session to calm our body and mind. We then went on to watch a fantastic assembly presentation created by our amazing Year 6’s. We really enjoyed exploring and thinking about how we want to grow in the future. The children then went onto make some absolutely outstanding support network hot air balloons. We thought about the people who are in our support network and who help us to try new things. It was lovely to hear the children sharing how many people are such a great support to them. After that, we created some beautiful pom pom hot air balloons which the children found so relaxing to complete.  


I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with lots of fun!

Miss McArdle.

Friday 4th February

We have had yet another fantastic week here in England class this week. We have been learning all about numbers to 50 in Maths, exploring letters in English and testing properties of materials in Science.


This week in our Geography lessons we have been exploring all about the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. We found out that the Giant’s Causeway was located in Bushmills on the Northern coastal stretch of Northern Ireland. After that, we had a look at how scientists believe the Giant Causeway was made through a volcanic eruption over 50 million years ago which formed the interlocking basalt columns. However, some believe the Giant’s Causeway was built by Giant’s Finn McCool and Benandonner who wanted to battle against each other. The children loved exploring the myth about the 2 giants and this led into our design and technology lesson where we had to build a causeway out of 2 materials for the giants to cross without going into the water. Have a look at some of our information booklets about the Giant’s Causeway below.


Have a fantastic weekend full of fun everyone!

Miss McArdle.

Friday 28th January.

We have had yet another amazing week in England class this week learning all about Martin Luther King in History, exploring properties of materials in Science and writing some super non-chronological reports about caterpillar in English.


This week I wanted to share the fantastic work that the children have been completing in PE. We are currently completing a unit of gymnastics in our PE lessons and the children have WOWED me this week with their fantastic balancing skills. Firstly, we explore how hard balancing can be when your body and muscles are floppy and we soon realised that you need to tense to help control the balance. We had a go at balancing with a bean bag resting on different parts of our body. The children were fantastic at each of the balances we tried. One thing that really wowed me was their fantastic modelling and teamwork with one another. If someone was struggling, they all made sure to encourage and help their friend through modelling and talking their friend through the steps. It really made me proud that we have such lovely friends in this class to one another.


Today we have enjoyed a well-deserved marble jar afternoon treat after filling our class marble jar. I am sure you will agree that our quote of the week is one that is perfect for all of the superstars we have in England class.


‘You’re a shining star, no matter who you are. Shining bright to see, what you can truly be.’

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss McArdle

Friday 21st January 

We have had a wonderful week in England class this week celebrating World Religion on Monday, learning all about Washington DC in History and writing our innovated stories in English.


As part of our World Religion Day celebrations, we explored the world religion Hinduism. The children were intrigued to find out all about a new religion and loved learning about the different gods that were in the religion. We then explored in further detail the festival of Holi. Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love, and new life. It is often described as the festival of colour.  After exploring the reasons why it is celebrated, we had a go at creating some colourful paintings through the technique of blow painting. The children were fantastic at learning a new technique and thoroughly enjoyed making lots of colour on the page.


I wanted to share with you this week the fantastic work the children have completed in Science. We began learning last week all about materials as part of our new science topic. We explored the different types of materials that you can have including glass, plastic, metal and wood for example. This week we began to explore objects and the materials they are made out of. The children were fantastic at being able to identify the correct materials that objects were made out of. We looked at examples such as a window which has a wooden or plastic frame and glass panels. Once we had identified the materials, we challenged ourselves to find the odd one out. This included lots of discussion about the similarities and differences that objects have.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss McArdle

Friday 14th January

We have had another super week in England class filled with learning about materials, adding numbers up to 20 and looking at what makes a good friend.

This week I wanted to share with you all the amazing work the children have been doing in English. We started last week learning the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ and we have moved on this week to innovating the story. We came up with a class model of a baby ninja having to defeat a ferocious dragon  however some of the class innovated their own stories. We had a range of new main character ideas such as a princess, dog and even a warrior! It has been so lovely to see how creative the children have become when wanting to innovate their own stories. After innovating our story, we created new innovated story maps and used them to re-tell the story. Some of us even created some stick puppets to help with the re-telling. I have been blown away at the retelling and language used by the children but most importantly I have been so proud of how confident each of the children have been when they were re-telling the story. It is hard to believe that they only learnt the original model last week! 

Friday 7th January 
Happy New Year! It has been a fantastic start to 2022 for everyone in England class this week. We have loved being back into class and seeing all of our friends. I have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back into class and welcomed Miss Singelton into our class. 
This week we have been exploring a new text in English called George and the Dragon. We have created finger puppets to help us re-tell the story and created our own story maps. As part of our learning in design and technology, we have been practicing our cutting skills and how to use split pins. We used some templates of a knight and cut carefully around the template. After that, we joined the arms and legs onto the main body through split pins. Although this was a little bit tricky, we didn't give up and worked really hard. The children were all amazing at both cutting and putting the split pins in and blew me away with their growth mindset and stickability. 
Please see below a picture of our knights which are pinned proudly around our English text. 
Keep up the super work England!
Miss McArdle
Friday 17th December
WOW! We have had an amazing christmas themed week in England class this week. We've created christmas cards and decorations, completed Christmas maths challenges and enjoyed our Christmas lunch and party. I have to say the children's dance moves yesterday during out party were amazing!!! I definitely think we could have some future contestants of Strictly Come Dancing. 
The children have been working on something really special for you all to watch and listen to at home. They absolutely love singing and performing so we decided that we would learn the song 'One night, one moment' from Nativity. They have worked incredibly hard in a short period of time to learn the words and sing the song. It has brought tears to all of our eyes and I hope it touches your hearts like it touched ours. 
Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!
Miss McArdle

Friday 10th December

It has been a fantastic STEM enrichment week in England class this week. We have had so much fun completing a variety of different activities linked to STEM such as Maths challenges, reading the until I met Dudley book and having a go at some coding games on the ipads. In addition to this, we also had the wonderful opportunity on Wednesday afternoon to go and watch the theatre performance of ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ at the Northern Stage in Newcastle. The children loved the performance and were a credit to our school in their behaviour outside of class.

One thing that I wanted to share with you all this week was our STEM challenge that we were set. We were tasked with creating a model of a beanstalk for the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Before we got started, we had to think about the mindset we would have when completing any challenge. We talked about how important it is to have a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset. After that, we brainstormed some ideas of how we could build the model including using cubes, straws, blocks and cardboard. It was then time to have a go at building the models. In small groups, we each tested 3 different ways to build the model and looked for which one was the most successful. The children were absolutely amazing at creating the models and more importantly they had curiosity and a fantastic growth mindset. They completely embedded the two key values of STEM and I know they will continue to apply this to any learning that they complete in the future.

I just wanted to share a wonderful quote that I shared with the children this week and I think it really sums up that fantastic growth mindset.

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE; the word itself says ‘I’M POSSIBLE!’.” – Audrey Hepburn

Have a wonderful weekend and rest ready for our final week before the Christmas holidays. 

Miss McArdle


Friday 3rd December
Happy December everyone! The Christmas countdown is officially on and we have started December off with some lovely treats this week in England class. We have put our Christmas tree up, made stocking decorations and had a brand new addition to our class. Elsie, the elf, has joined us from the North Pole and is going to be checking each day how well the children have been doing before she reports back to Santa Claus each night. She's already made a mess by creating snow angels on the tables. 
This week I wanted to share with you the work we have complete in our Computing lesson. This week we were introduced to Smartie the Penguin and his story all about his brand new tablet. Smartie encountered a number of problems with his tablet whilst on the internet such as bad things on his screen that wouldn't go away, silly facts that weren't true about polar bears and a stranger who tried to talk to him whilst he was playing his game. We thought about what the best thing would be for Smartie to do in each situation and we always remembered that we should tell a grown up if something goes wrong. We learnt a special song to help us remember: 

Before you tap and click…

You need to stop and think…

And TELL someone!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone full of Christmas cheer. 

Miss McArdle. 

Friday 26th November
It has been an amazing week in England class filled with writing our own biography about a giant, creating some 3D computer design models on Tinkercad and learning all about the Lake District in Geography.
This week I wanted to share the amazing work we have been doing in Maths. This week we have been looking at shapes in Maths and have explored how 3D shapes and 2D shapes are different to one another. We played lots of describing and guessing games using our feely bag of 3D shapes as these were brand new to us. The children were able to quickly guess which shape was which from the properties described by their friends. We decided to go on a shape hunt around school to see which shapes we could find. The children could not believe how many cuboids they could spot around the corridors! 
Keep up the fantastic work England class and have a wonderful weekend (which might be filled with snow!) 
Miss McArdle
Friday 19th November
Happy Children in Need Day! We have had such a wonderful week this week in England and it was finished today by celebrating Children in Need. The children looked amazing in their Pudsey clothing and nightwear. 
We have also celebrated Inter-Faith day today in school. Firstly, we learnt about how there are many different religions in the world including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We then went on to think about how we could welcome someone from a different faith to our school and created a video to explain how. As a class, we discussed about how important it is to respect and be kind to everyone no matter what their beliefs are. We created a piece of artwork to show that the world is made up of many faiths and that we should all hold hands no matter what. Finally, we created some hope prayer tags to go on our school hope tree. These were full of things we hoped for in the future. 
This week in our learning we have been diving into some Tudor history and have found out all about King Henry VIII. The children have loved learning about the type of monarch he was and why he was an important figure in history. They learnt a song all about his 6 wives and were interested to know why he had so many. We decided to do some hot seating and some of the children were Henry VIII in the hot seat. It was fantastic to see them applying their knowledge and understanding to questions asked by their peers and it definitely gave us some giggles with their acting skills. As part of our Art, we chose to look at portraits as this was relevant to the time of the Tudors and we recognised that Henry's 4th wife Anne of Cleeves was divorced because she didn't look like her portrait. We challenged ourselves to complete the missing half of the portrait and the outcome was fantastic. I am sure if King Henry VIII was alive ,that he would approve and hopefully not chop our heads off!!!
Have a lovely weekend England class. 
Miss McArdle. 
Thursday 18th November
We were given a very important task from Miss Armstrong this week to learn a lovely poem that was given to us as a gift from Mrs Hammersley.
Mrs Hammersley has been a fantastic supply teacher in our school for many years and recently she has decided to change her career path. She left us a wonderful poem all about school as a leaving gift and the children have absolutely loved learning it.  We will miss Mrs Hammersley and wish her the best of luck in her new role. 
Here is our version of the poem. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning it. 

Friday 12th November

We have had another fantastic week in England class full of superstar learning. The children have loved learning all about Barcelona in our Geography lessons, re-telling Jack and the Beanstalk in English and exploring the sense of sound on a sound learning walk around school.

This week in PE we have been focusing on ball skills. This is a brand-new unit of work and the children wowed me on Thursday with their excellent ball skills. We focused this week at learning about the different ways hat we can move the ball. We tried throwing and catching, dribbling the ball with our feet and dribbling the ball with our hands. The children had fantastic growth mindset throughout the whole session when they were learning about the different ways we can control and move with the ball. The thing that impressed me the most in the session was their social skills of communication and supporting others. We had some fantastic praising of peers and it was so lovely to see everyone praising their friends for giving something a go.

Friday 5th November

It has been an amazing first week back in England class. I have been so proud of how quickly the children have settled back into class. It was lovely to hear all about what they had got up to over the holidays and what they dressed up as for Halloween.

We have been learning all about Florence Nightingale in History, our body in Science and how technology works in Computing. The children have particularly loved learning about why Florence Nightingale was such an important figure in history and they made comparisons to how she was a fantastic nurse like the nurses that we have in the NHS.

One thing I have been particularly impressed by this week is their writing in English. We are learning the story Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our talk for writing lessons. This has included thinking about some of the words that we might need to use in our writing. On Wednesday, we created some word banks full of words that we were going to need. We decided it would be a good idea to also add some pictures next to the word to help us find anything we want to spell. On Thursday, we then used our words banks to create some super sentences. The children created some fantastic sentences and made sure they were super sentence heroes! Their writing has improved so much since the start of the year and it is so lovely to see their beaming faces when they know they have made such improvements. Keep up the hard work!

We finished our week off today making some fantastic fireworks pictures. We gained some inspiration from watching some fireworks displays that have taken place in London. The children all loved the colours and shapes that the fireworks were. They have been very excited to see some in person over the weekend.

Have a fantastic bonfire night and stay safe!


Miss McArdle

Thursday 21st October
I can't believe our first half-term is over. The children have settled so well into Year 1 and their new class and I have been so impressed every week by their attitude to learning. It has been wonderful to get to know each and everyone of them over the past 7 weeks and find out all about them. 
This week we have had a busy week full of learning about Stonehenge in our Geography and DT lessons. We have even had the amazing Miss Armstrong talk to us all about her visit to Stonehenge in the Summer. The children were fascinated by her talk and photographs that she had taken and they had lots of questions to ask. After studying Stonehenge and the history behind the structure on Tuesday, we challenged ourselves to try and build models of Stonehenge on Wednesday using a range of materials such as paper, blocks and Lego. The children were so inventive, creative and resilient in building their models. Please see below their amazing creations.
Not only have we been building models of Stonehenge, but also we have been baking some gingerbread men! This was part of our English work on instructions. We spent some time first learning about the importance of imperative verbs in instructions before we began to think about creating a set of instructions to create some gingerbread men. The children absolutely loved telling each other each step of their recipe and once they were baked in the oven, they enjoyed eating them all up!  Please see some photos below of their amazing baking skills. I think we could have some future 'Great British Bake Off'' stars. 
I hope you all have an amazing half-term filled with fun and laughter as well as some well deserved relaxation after working so hard this term.  Happy Halloween! 
Miss McArdle. 
Friday 15th October
It has been another fantastic week in England this week. We have been exploring number bonds in Maths, learning about instructions in English and creating a collage of the South African flag in Art. 
Last week in Geography, we explored about the city Cape Town in South Africa and found out about some of the human and physical features that were in Cape Town. This has linked to our work in History this week which as been all about Nelson Mandela. We have looked at who Nelson Mandela was, why he was an important figure in history and what impact he had on the world. The children were fantastic at thinking about some of the reasons why Nelson Mandela was so important as a figure in history, They said that Nelson Mandela was important because 'he helped people to be at peace and accept one another'. They also showed a great deal of empathy for Nelson Mandela who had experienced hardship during his life and had not being treated equally due to the colour of his skin. All of the children said that we should never treat someone differently as we are all unique and important, just as we are. 
Keep up the amazing work England!
Miss McArdle. 
Friday 8th October
Wow it has been an amazing week this week in England celebrating our love of poetry. We have made our own dream day poems and took part in Miss Armstrong's wonderful assembly all about poetry. We have absolutely loved being creative in our poems and reading some very funny poems in class. Please see below one of our amazing poems that Frankie created all about his dream day. 

A breakfast filled with chocolate waffles.

Summer sun shining.

Me and my little brothers playing,

Doing front flips of the highest buildings we can find,

Whilst 10 sharks are down below and

radioactive is playing in the background.

We finally fall asleep at night on a big teddy bear.


By Frankie Farmer


You are also in for a treat as the children have been learning the poem 'Rhythm of Life' by Michael Rosen. We have absolutely loved watching his videos where he gave us lots of hints and tips about how to perform the poem. We decided to add in some actions to help us remember the poem and I have been so proud of the children for their performance. They almost had me in tears yesterday when were practicing as I was so impressed and amazed at how they performed the poem. I hope you enjoy it just as much as me. Please see their performance below. 

Miss McArdle. 

Friday 1st October

It has been yet again another fantastic week in England, despite the rain and gloomy weather making an appearance. We have had lots of fun learning all about comparing numbers in Maths, writing our innovated ‘Biscuit Man’ stories in English and creating some still life art work in the style of the French artist Louise Moillon during our Art lessons. The children’s fantastic growth mindset has been so prominent this week and I have been so proud of all of their attitudes towards the learning. We really enjoyed one of our story books this week called ‘I am enough’ by Grace Byers which had a great message of always being the best version of you and trying your hardest.

We have been looking at what the word creation means in RE over the past few weeks and the environment around us. We started in our first week by creating something for our friend Abbey Owl. This week we thought about the big question of ‘How was the Earth created?’. We each took it in turns to share our responses if we wanted to and collated our ideas on a map. Afterwards, we talked about how Christians believe that God created the Earth which was similar to some of our own views. The children really impressed me with their respect towards people having different beliefs and views to others which is a value that is so important for everyone to have. Please see below our class mind map of views.

 I also had to share our favourite book during story time this week which was ‘Avocado baby’. It has given us lots of giggles and the children absolutely loved reading how the baby became strong enough to fight off a burglar just from eating an avocado! I am sure they will be keen to tell anyone about the story if you ask them.

As I say every week, keep being amazing England class!

Friday 24th September
This week we have had some of the most amazing mathematicians in England class. They have used their thinking skills to solve problems and reason about numbers up to 10 and they have blown me away with their speedy responses to quick fire questions. We have been focusing on our place value within 10 this week in Maths and looking at finding one more and one less of a number. The children used their fantastic pair work skills to complete some activities. Although their Maths knowledge was amazing , it was their discussion and pair work that impressed me the most. They were taking turns in talking and made sure to help one another solve the problem. 
This week we have also been working on our gymnastics skills in PE. The children have been learning some shapes in gymnastics such as pike, straddle and arch. They were able to hold the shape for 5 seconds and showed they were much more flexible than Miss McArdle.  The children even took it one step further and created a gymnastic sequence. They made sure to have a starting pose, travel and shape which they held for 5 seconds before going back into their finishing pose. When they performed it in front of the class, I was so proud of their confidence and skills. 
Please see below some of the photos of the children working hard in Maths and PE.
Keep being amazing England!
Friday 17th September
What another fantastic week in England class this week. They have all shown what superstars they are with their attitude to learning and school. It has been filled with stories, exploring and dough discos. We have spent the week learning about our local area of Crawcrook and went out for a walk to see what we could spot. We have also been learning all about the seasons in Science. The children loved sharing with the class their favourite season and why. 
One thing that has really impressed me this week was our English work all about the Gingerbread Man. The children have been learning the story and we created our own story maps. We spent some time creating story puppets to help re-tell the story and I have to say their gingerbread men impressions were very naughty and cheeky!!! Even Miss Armstrong saw how amazing they were at it. 
Keep on being superstars England!
Friday 10th September
It has been an absolutely amazing first week in England class. I have been so impressed with how well the children have settled into their new classroom and routines. It has been so lovely to get to know each of them and find out all about them finally.
This week we have had a wonderful week settling into our new class. We have created our own Elmer elephants, played some team games , talked about what makes a great friend and met our class Worrysaurus. On Wednesday, we explored all about our class name of 'England'. We learnt about some key places you can visit in England, created crowns to be our own kings and queens and tasted some traditional English foods such as pork pies and scones with jam.
I can't wait to have an amazing year with you all! Keep up the amazing work England.