Emmaville Primary School

Wales Yr 2

Welcome to the Wales Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Friday 24th June

Continuing on with our measurement unit in math’s, we have been understanding the difference between capacity and volume. Luckily for us, the sunshine came out and were have been able to take many of our lessons outdoors. We have thoroughly enjoyed investigating capacity ad volume in a practical context. The children have been developing their skills of measuring volume by reading sales on the measuring jugs. We had to add a little dye to the water to make it slightly easier to read the scales. The children worked in teams to compare the capacity of different containers, buckets, pots and pans etc and used their measuring skills to find which had the greatest capacity.  On Friday, we played an estimation game where we had to estimate how many litres each container would hold. We were so close to the exact number of litres each time. We all got slightly wet working in our teams this week, especially those who were in the splash zone!

Friday 17th June

Year Twos’ Beach Trip

On Monday, we had a lovely day visiting Whitley Bay beach. After our exciting coach journey, we were greeted by Alice and Grace who were leading the day. The day was orientated around the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ which we have been reading in our English lessons – and it was such a great setting as we could see St Mary’s Lighthouse from where we were on the beach!

We had lots of fun activities to complete during the trip including concocting our own coastal themed lunch using the natural materials on the beach; we then had to create our own pulley systems using some rope and carabiners and we had to get Mr Grinling’s lunch to him before those pesky seagulls scavenged it! Finally, we had to work in partners and use our binoculars to find lots of different objects around us, some of the children even saw some seals and dolphins through their binoculars when they were looking out to sea!

After our picnic lunch on the sand, we had a great time creating our own lighthouses using our amazing imaginations and the natural resources before we had to pack up as the tide was coming in. We had such a fantastic day, and the weather was kind to us too. Thank you so much again to Alice and Grace!

Miss Common and Miss Woolard

Friday 10th June
What a busy first day back we have had in Wales class! We continued our measurement unit in Math's by starting to compare lengths of shoe sizes. We worked exceptionally well in teams to draw around each of our shoes and carefully measure the length of each shoe. Afterwards, in our teams we collected the data in a table and ordered them from the shortest to the longest shoe size. Miss Woolard, Miss Common and Mrs Wallace were very proud of our teamwork skills and were relieved that we kept our stinky feet inside our shoes. 
In the afternoon, we learnt about a famous 'Pop' artist called Andy Warhol and looked at some of his most famous pieces including the 'Campbell's Soup Cans' (1962) and 'Shot Marilyns' (1964). We loved all the bright colours he used. We sketched some of his most famous artworks using a view finder to focus on one part of it and then we had great fun using bright coloured pencils to colour in his most famous artwork the 'Campbell's Soup Cans'. Next week, we are going to use his techniques to create a whole class Popart collage.
Friday 27th May- The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party Day

Wales have had such a busy week! There has been a lot of excitement for the Jubilee celebrations and the boys and girls have been impressing us with their knowledge of the Queen and the Royal Family!

On Wednesday we welcomed Puck, the Queen’s Party Planner and we helped him and Chef Claude to plan the perfect Jubilee Party. We chose the theme of ‘Corgis’ and we made some beautiful bunting to decorate Buckingham Palace!

Then on Friday we had our Jubilee Party Day, which was full of fun and celebrations. To start our day, we all had a bounce on the ginormous bouncy castle in the hall before meeting Belle, her prince and Aurora which was very exciting! We played some party games before we had our picnics on the school field after watching the choir singing. In the afternoon, we enjoyed an ice-cream from the ice-cream van before taking part in a mindfulness session. We had such a lovely day, and we would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Armstrong for our fabulous treats!

We cannot wait to welcome you back after the half-term break Wales,

Miss Woolard and Miss Common