Emmaville Primary School

Year 6

Home Learning Gallery


We have been so impressed, but not surprised, at not only the amazing learning you have been doing at home but also the creative ways you have been doing it, and wanted to celebrate this with a weekly ‘Celebration Gallery’. Please find below a collection of our ‘Works of Art’.

Performance Poetry 
Maddie M performing 'My Dog Ate My Homework', by Kenn Nesbitt

My Doggy Ate My Essay by Darren Sardelli, performed expressively by Sam T.

Rhianne performing Eletelephony by Laura E. Richards, with lovely intonation.

Neve, performing 'When the Teacher Isn't Looking' by Kenn Nesbitt.  Your varying tone, your use of facial expression, your pronunciation, the projection of your voice, your hand gestures, your eye contact: you've got it all going on there Neve.  Well done poppet.  Mrs McK

Isaac performing 'Cinderella' from Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes.  Great expression and timing!

Pop Art, inspired by Andy Warhol
Tom Baker as Dr Who, by Natalie, using a picture editor program. 
Screen-free Friday Afternoon activities
Story in a Box Competition winning entries
Well done Evie - you are the creator of South America's winning entry.  Your Alice in Wonderland story box shows so many little details that must have taken ages to complete, from the Cheshire Cat's grin to the hand-sewn dress for Alice.
Congratulations Jessica B, you are North America's 'Story in a Box' competition winner.  I particularly loved how you combined other areas of this week's timetable into this: Maths Through Stories and our Origami butterflies. Well done poppet.  Mrs McK
Drawings inspired by our 'Drawing great characters from history' workshop with Thaigo de Maraers, as part of our World Book Day activities.
Aleisha's response to our 'Wolf on Trial' workshop as part of our World Book Day activities.  I totally agree Aleisha - innocent, without a shadow of a doubt. Mrs McK
Geography - What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?
Where do words come from?  An informative and confident presentation by Jessica.

Athena demonstrating the Greek alphabet.

Jessica B History What did the Ancient Greeks do for us? Language
Geography Research - Alpine Biome Animals
Persuasion Adverts - English writing unit
The Sibling Remover, by Aliyah, Saffah, Charlie, Jessica and Maddie.

Bobby B's Sibling Remover (sound file)
Evie B's Secret Suitcase

Jessica B's Zorin2.0 Spy Dog:
Isaac B's 0-148 Ultimate Spy Gadget

Natalie T-V - The IQ Booster